Senior Year * LAVCA

My son as been part of this on line school for 6 years. He;s a Senior this year !I thought i would start an electronic journal for his last year . That I can later make into a scrap book. Lisa


Monday -on line school

Lavca Face to Face Orientation in Lafayette,La.

Week 1- Wed First day of school.( 8/9-8/11)

High School – Senior Year 2018

August Teaching Schedules High School
August 9– 1st day of school assemblies & homeroom session. All whole group core class sessions will begin this week. All classes will review sections of the NOHS throughout the first week of school in the large group sessions.
August 14 – Whole Groups and Live Help
August 22 – All classes, large and small groups, and electives for High School will beginI