Sunday’s * Words of Faith

With Valentine just around the corner I thought I would share this passage and page today

1 John 3 : 18
My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth ….

Meaning – Don’t make loving promises with your tongue that don’t come true in reality. If you say you are going to come to help, come. The promise is encouraging, and therefore loving. But all that encouragement dies when you don’t show up. Tell the truth. Love in truth . Love is powerful .

God is greater than our heart and knows the truth of our heart in any language…… Lisa

So my page is the language of Love :

In my household and in many love is spoken in many different languages. But the meaning and emotions are the same. So Today’s page is dedicated to love in many different ways – from English – to Greek to Hebrew to Chinese’s its the language of truth and heart. This page is done in a pastel wash with gold hearts and highlights with the word Love written in many languages . Enjoy and have a blessed day …….. Lisa

Sunday * Words of Faith

Happy Sunday morning ! Today’s Words of Faith is : Is all about being steadfast and firm in your faith.

He alone shapes their hearts ;He considers all their worth. Psalms 33:11

Meaning the thoughts of his heart – The things which he has “designed,” or which he intends shall be accomplished. So be steadfast in your faith even though you may not see immediate results the Lord know your hear , Nothing is wasted in the lords name.

My page is done in watercolors done with gelatos colors ( first for me) and then highlighted with a heart and stamped word Believe > Lisa

My devotional journal :

Wherever you do,do it enthusiastically,as something done for the Lord and not for man. Colossi ans 3 :28

This implies the ideas of enthusiasm and passion. Demonstrating a good work attitude makes a tremendous difference in one’s personal life and in our influence on others.  In daily work,chores or prayers give thanks to the Lord,

My Bible planner :

My weekly bible verse ,prayer list and bible study.

Sunday’s * Words of Faitn

Be still and know I am God

Something we can all learn from this verse. In out busy life sometimes we forget to be still and listen to Gods voice. So this week my goal is to be still and listen….. lisa

Words of Faith : Strength

Happy Sunday ! Today I am bible journaling and working in my prayer journal about Gods strength and over coming fear . Read on:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10 

Without a doubt, this is a verse that was given to bring peace to those who love the Lord.
FEAR THOU NOT – This verse is so simple in its meaning, and it offers great comfort to those going through difficult times
FOR I AM WITH THEE – This is the reason why we should not be afraid. God was their protector (and He is certainly ours
 WILL UPHOLD THEE WITH THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESS – The right hand speaks of strength (most people are right-handed). 

Bible passage today :

The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?

We have all felt fear in something But with the Lords light to lead the way you have strength to overcome. I used the below gelato to color my page and bible stickers I had. This is the first time using gelato but found them easier to use then other medium and no bled through the pages. These came from Hobby Lobby with a coupon a great price. I will be adding to my collection of colors.

Gelatos :
Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage.  All Gelatos® blend easily with or without water.  Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood!

Today’s card is one of my favorite verses:

Strength and dignity comes in many forms – Proverbs 31 as a whole is filled with AMAZING proclamations of what a woman can and should be. … The word dignity has been defined as ‘the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect’

Have a great Sunday ! And check out Lisa K Creative Life for my digital addition . Lisa

Card making with Lisa

I found this great card challenge on Wednesday and entered. Check out this great challenge

My Card entry for this week : 

Using the supplied verse I used this as my center for my birthday card. Done all in pink and cream and Roses perfect for my Mom birthday. Lisa 

  • Pink/beige rose card stock 
  • Pink card stock 
  • Verse printed and antiqued in gold /beige  /torn on edge/
  • Rose sticker and  gold stamp birthday tag 
  • Layered together. 

Go bye and check this blog out and enter the challenge.  Lisa

Sunday’s Bible Journaling

Judges 9:10

Today’s Words of Faith -Comes from the Book of Judges: 
is the seventh book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. In the narrative of the Hebrew Bible, it covers the time between the conquest described in the Book of Joshua and the establishment of a kingdom in the Books of Samuel, during which Biblical judges served as temporary leaders

“Next, the trees said to the fig tree, ‘Come and be our king.'”

My drawing today is the fig Leaf & figs. Colored with paint and pastels in green and browns. As I read this passage I thought about my family  fig tree and my Dad. Let me share my story : 

Figs trees and figs  are very special to me in my yard there is a fig tree that is very old that still bears fruit every year.  And my Dad whose in his 80’s picks the ripe fruit and cans it to give away to friend and family. ,Like this fruit bearing tree my Dad fruit is Gods  love ,prays and blessing to all he meets. . I I am blessed to have both  the fig tree and my Dad still part of my life .Lisa 

Sunday * Calligraphy Revisited

Happy Sunday ! 

This week I picked up an old hobby of mine after finding a kit at Barnes & Nobles. Calligraphy . I had once taken a glass back in high school and decided I would like to explore it again. The kit came with the pens,paper and instructions and in a little while I was practicing away.

Do you have an old hobby or craft you no longer do?  Have you tried it again maybe combining it with something else? 

The perfect thing for my Words of Faith Sunday bible verses. These two cards feature verses from the Book of Exodus . That I hand lettered the verses and decorated the cards. Enjoy ,









Sunday’s Words of Faith*

Sunday’s  Words of Faith comes from the book of Exodus :

The Book of Exodus or, simply, Exodus, is the second book of the Torah and the Hebrew Bible immediately following Genesis. The book tells how the Israelites leave slavery in Egypt through the strength of Yahweh, the god who has chosen Israel as his people.

King James Bible
The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

My hardest thing about starting bible journaling was the actual stamping on the Bible. I had to fight against lesson from childhood about writing on my journey. But after finishing this first page I was at peace with it. Because as scholars of old I was highlighting the message with beauty and meaning. Enjoy my first page.

I decorated my verse in lots of happy colors with flowers and a lady beg( lady Luck of new beginning) .  Bible journaling is perfect for all the small stamps I have collected over the years in this traditional  Bible where space is limited.


Stop bye next week as we explore the  – The Book of Leviticus is the third book of the Torah and of the Old Testament. Lisa




Bible verse cards

This Sunday I am sharing some cards I made with a bible verse as the feature.

And so today’s verse is a much loved one. As it’s the first verse of the bible.

Morning Glory * Inspirational card

September flower is Morning Glory.

The morning glory flower is a flower of duality. The Victorian meaning of morning glory is either love or mortality or love in vain. They are a hardy vine indigenous to south america and they worked their way northward and now are either cultivated or grow wild throughout the united states and most parts of the world




My card is done in  pastels brushed  on . To make the shading on the petals and leaves. Cut oval and double mated . The verse is one of my favorites :

” He made everything in it’s time”



This colored book mark I purchased  from Hobby Lobby in a pack.  Done in pinks the perfect gift to include in a card for your favorite someone.   Lisa