Being Creative in Faith

This Sunday in My Words of Faith – I am sharing some ways to be creative with your walk with God. I was blessed at Christmas time to receive some great gifts from love ones who knows I love to be creative in all things I do. So enjoy these and I will be sharing more with you in the coming weeks – Lisa

Sunday Faith Planner:

This small Faith planner kit came from the clearance section of Micheal s. 

Bible Coloring Verses:

Boxed Cards from Proverbs  . Hobby Lobby 

Graciously words are like a honeycomb,
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

Book : 100 days of Bible promises


Book review : In Shanna Noel book is a journal with lovely verses and a prayer for each day.Fully illustrated it makes a lovely gift to give or receive,

Its a wonderful devotional and I decided to decorate mine to bring it too life, As I read and pray over the daily verse. Lisa

2 Corinthians 12 :9 Verse:
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Grace is do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence.
the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

Grow in Grace :

The one thing we all need to do more is to grow in the love of God and in His grace and knowledge and trust him in our time of need. Lisa

Book Review * Fast and Fun Watercolors

Take a journey through Gina Lee Kim’s watercolor palette–with each chapter representing one of the standard colors found in the color wheel. Learn how to merge watercolor and mixed media together without the stress of having to draw out a composition before getting started. Each chapter will demonstrate a unique project and technique, along with a gallery of inspiring works. You will also learn about the emotional symbolism of each color.

  • An approachable, stress-free introduction to watercolor; fine drawing skills are not a requirement
  • Explore each color in the color wheel, while learning about their mixing qualities and the emotional symbolism of colors
  • Tips and advice on carving out time to create, sharing your work with others, and owning your own voice
  • 12 step-by-step demonstrations show how to merge watercolor with a bit of mixed media

Net Galley Book Review :

 Gina uses watercolor and mixed media with step-by-step directions for creating art that is personal and fum Gina uses her favorite quotes and words working them into her art. She starts with the tools explaining why she uses a specific product and then listing of mixed-media supplies are also given. She presents color theory, terminology, schemes, and temperature need for great results. She has a five-step painting method that involves no drawing. Perfect for any budding painter or artist this newest book is one you dont want to miss.

Book Review * Awakening Your Creative Soul

Open the door to your creative awakening!

“Do everything with great love, whether it is painting, writing, dancing, relationships or learning.” –Sandra Duran Wilson

Sharing your passion is the greatest gift you can give, and the journey to your creative awakening starts with a single step–or a single exercise. You never know what will open the door.

This book is for curious souls wanting to find the right spark to jump-start their creativity. Inside, there are 52 chapters with an exercise for each week of the year featuring a step-by-step art, writing or meditation project. Following the flow of the seasons, the exercises are designed to take you from the spring of your intuition, through the summer of personal growth, fall of self-discovery to arrive at the end of your creative cycle refreshed, revived and renewed.

Find your voice and vision:

  • 52 fun and beautiful projects offer a new chance at self-discovery every week for one year–they are not necessarily sequential and can be completed at any time on your journey
  • Weekly prompts merge art making with universal life challenges to help you open your mind and explore different spiritual and creative philosophies

Refill your well, become the light, expand yourself and your story.

Net Galley Review

 Sandra’s teaching is captivating, connective and thought provoking. Each of her books has shown me how to grow artistically. But this book, is something I didn’t know I was waiting for. Awaking Your Creative Soul guides you on an amazing journey to discover your spiritual, artistic and imaginative self with great photo and mind exercise. The perfect book to read for this New Year when we are all setting goals and this journey is a welcome one. Lisa

Book Review : Big Embroidery

Big Embroidery is all about stitching beautiful designs up fast using yarn instead of embroidery thread. Designer and author of Modern Folk Embroidery, Nancy Nicholson, has created a collection of stunning designs based on traditional crewel work, and adapted them for a modern audience using everyday yarn.

Crewel embroidery is traditionally done using 2-ply wool and stitched onto linen. Nancy shows how to get beautiful results using different types of yarn and fabric, including upholstery fabrics, woollens and tweeds, to create a collection of stunning quick-to-stitch projects.

Choose from home decor items such as cushions, bags, wall hangings and table runners, as well as ideas for embellishing clothing. Nancy shows readers how to do all the key embroidery stitches with a stitch library featuring easy-to-follow diagrams of all the basic crewel embroidery stitches in detail.

Net Galley Book Review :

What a great book Nancy explains what cruel embroidery is and how to do it -with a easy to follow direction and stitch guide. I have never done cruel embroidery but I have a treasured Christmas stocking I got as a gift many years ago in cruel and always wanted to make a matching stocking, This book has inspired me to make one this year. Lisa

Book Review * Meet Me at the Farmers Market

Sophia loves going to the Farmers Market every week. There are lots of things to see and do, and when she meets up with her friends, she loves it even more.

Children of all ages will enjoy the beautiful watercolor illustrations and engaging story of Sophia’s fun day at the market.

From the Author

I love the squeals of delight from children as they read a book and discover its hidden secrets. My own children loved to be read to when they were small and as they grew. I believe reading is the key to success for kids–and it opens up new worlds for people of all ages. After more than three decades of helping writers become published authors, I decided it was time for my own ideas to become a reality.  I have more books rolling around in my brain, so I hope you enjoy this one!

This book came from watching and talking with kids at our local Farmers Market. We do an event nearly every weekend from spring through autumn, and I just love to see the happiness that floods the streets when a child has gotten a new book from me or one of our other authors. It might seem a little odd to mix zucchini with books, but to me, it’s a natural. The people who care what they put in their bodies are very likely to care about what they put in their brains, too. I hope you and your children enjoy the books.

Thank you for reading!

Net Galley Book Review:

What a wonderful children book or for the young at heart. If you read my blog you know we are big supporters of our local farmers market – like Sophie and her Mom we love going there and buying local fruit and vegetables. And this time a year the perfect spot to pick up homemade Christmas gifts. The vendors are always welcoming and enjoy talking about there products and like Sophie they have become trusted friends. This is the perfect gift for any child =its lovely to look at and teaches us all good lessons on healthy eating and buying locally. Lisa

Book Review * The Secret Language of Cats

Have you ever wondered what your cat is saying?

Cats do not meow randomly, nor do they growl or hiss because they have nothing better to do. Cat sounds have a purpose, and they can carry important messages, whether for us or other cats.

Susanne Schötz is hard at work on breaking the cat code. She is a professor at Lund University in Sweden, where a long-standing research program is proving that cats do actually use vocal communication—with each other and with their human caretakers. Understanding the vocal strategies used in human-cat communication will have profound implications for how we communicate with our pets, and has the potential to improve the relationship between animals and humans within several fields, including animal therapy, veterinary medicine and animal sheltering.

In The Secret Language of Cats, Schötz offers a crash course in the phonetic study of cat sounds. She introduces us to the full range of feline vocalizations and explains what they can mean in different situations, and she gives practical tips to help us understand our cats better.

My Net Galley Book Review:

Did you know there’s a language to cat speak ? Other than Mom my Siamese knows. I grab this book since we live with 5 and each cat has there own personality and language, Who knew all those noises actually meant something.But this author breaks it down with real facts and the science behind it to make us better Cat parents.and understand our cats, This book may not be for everyone -since its filled with facts and science but its an enjoyable read and my answer all your questions about your cat. Meow! Lisa

Book Review : Collage Workshop for Kids

Be inspired and delighted by Collage Workshop for Kids, a colorful art instruction book on collage techniques for children—made in cooperation with The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Collage Workshop for Kids pairs essays by educators from The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art with instructions on collage technique. Chapters explore favorite art themes for kids and demonstrate how to work with colored tissue paper, newspaper, fabric and buttons, painted paper, torn paper, and more.

In each chapter, Reggio-inspired author and teacher Shannon Merenstein explores each technique with original ideas. Members of the museum’s education staff offer expert advice on creating art with children.

Everything you need to know about collage is in this book, making it a great reference for teachers, librarians, and parents.

Net galley Book Review :

My Net Galley Book Review : Don’t let the title fool you it’s not only for kids but for adults too. A great easy to read book that not only shows you how to make a collage but how to do it. It was an inspiring book that after reading I got my supplies out and made some cute Christmas items. Read he book and share with the kids in your life or just enjoy it yourself. Lisa

Book Review : The Crochet Stitch Handbook

Need help reading your crochet pattern? Need a gift for a crochet lover? Read on:

The Crochet Stitch Handbook fully explains over 200 stitches. A perfect starter guide for beginners, with advanced projects and details for experts, this book is a wonderful addition to the library of any crafter, crocheter, or knitter. 

The handbook includes step-by-step instructions for basic stitches, textured stitches, fans and shells stitches, mesh and filet stitches, openwork and lace stitches, trims and edgings, clusters, puffs, bobbles, spike, relief, Tunisian, multi-color, squares, and special stitches.

Crochet is the technique of making a looped fabric from a continuous length of yarn, using a single hook. The word crochet itself derives from the French croc, meaning a hook (or crook); an old Scottish name for crochet is “shepherd’s knitting.” It is one of themost portable and flexible of crafts, requiring only a hook and some yarn. 

Master the basic techniques of crochet, and more, to create a fascinating variety of effects with The Crochet Stitch Handbook.

About the Author

Betty Barnden is a needlecraft designer whose crochet designs have appeared in magazines and been published by prestigious yarn companies. She has written books on knitting and embroidery, including The Embroidery Stitch BibleThe Crochet Stitch BibleFilet Crochet; and 200 Knitting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets. Betty continues to inspire crochet fans the world over.

Book Review: 

Net Galley Review : This is a wonderful reference book filled with step by step instructions,pictures and stitch selector  to make learning more about crochet. Its laid out well with names of stitches and example to make finding the right stitch easy. Need help reading a crochet problem this is just what you need. Have a crochet lover on your Christmas list buy them this book. Lisa 

Hand Lettering A-Z Workbook

Today’s paper post is about lettering and journaling. I hate my hand writing  it’s always a mixture of cursive and print and I don’t like to use it on pages. But I recent ally bought a lettering kit and I am practicing . So I can include more in my works. Here’s a great way to get started: 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Created by Abbey Sy, lettering expert and author of Hand Lettering A to Z, this must-have companion volume is a super-sized collection of drills, exemplars, and practice sheets for a variety of modern lettering styles, flourishes and other decorative elements, and motivational and inspirational quotes.

–Find essential how-tos for lettering with graphite and colored pencils, brush pens, fineline markers, and more
–Use the guided worksheets to try your hand at several modern styles, from simple to elaborate
–Progress to lettering beautiful and inspiring quotes (in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages) that feature a mix of styles and tools
–Worksheet pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove and work on

Get a worksheet workout and learn, improve, or expand your lettering skills with Hand Lettering A to Z Workbook!

Net Galley Review – this is the workbook to go along with the book. So if you have the book get The workbook . Filled with pages that you can use to practice what you have read about.   With handwriting – the only way to get better is practice . You will soon be on your way to beautiful lettering on cards , pages and Journals.  At least thats my plans. -Practice Makes Perfect.  Lisa 

Book Review * Modern Acrylic

Modern Acrylic delivers the simple concepts and painting techniques you’ll need to create exciting and expressive works of art.

With Modern Acrylic, artists, illustrators, art students, and art hobbyists can learn how to use basic painting techniques and concepts to create expressive works of art. You’ll learn to paint flowers, animals, patterns, and even how to transfer your hand-lettering skills to paint. This guide offers a lively and creative approach to acrylic paint packed with inspiring exercises and whimsical projects.

Foremost a beginner’s guide, Modern Acrylic starts with a brief introduction to the tools you’ll need and continues with explanations of key painting concepts like color mixing and atmospheric perspective. Once you have a handle on the basics, it’s time to create dynamic color palettes, use basic shapes and techniques to render a range of subjects, and practice mark making and textures.

Modern Acrylic is an inspiring and accessible guide to painting everything from expressive landscapes to colorful architectural gems.

My Net Galley Review : This Sunday’s book is a great book exploring  Acrylics . Rather you are a hobbyist or professional artist you will enjoy this book. As the author ex plains  it all from  basics skills to more difficult  skills it has it all, Done with great illustrations and pictures it will  get you painting.  If you are like me and just dabble in acrylics ( a hold over from high school)  but interested in knowing more . I highly recommend  reading this book. You will be inspired to paint your next master piece    Lisa