Saturday * Sourdough Bread

Saturday  * Sourdough Bread

Welcome to my Saturday ! It's been a busy week as January is ending. And I am changing my blogs over to February. Lots happen in February : Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine,President Day and Yes! Mardi Gras. What's you plan for the Super Bowl? Watching at home-with friends or Not watching it - well what [...]

Beer just not for Drinking *

Beer just not for Drinking *

No ! It's for making Bread too - . We stop at a local shop and my hubby bought some local brewed wheat bear . And I said I can make bread out of that. So Today that's whats today recipe is : Independence Parish Brewing parish beer Cane Break beer Bread. This recipe is [...]

Cal zone Dough made in Bread maker

Thursday Food Post - Another Bread maker Episode    Instead of Bread - I made Pizza Dough in my Bread maker  3/4 salt 4 Cups of AP Flour 2 teasp active dry yeast 1 3/8 c water 3 Tablespoon olive Oil Place in order as your bread maker calls for. Press Dough setting - takes [...]