Candles Making gifts

Do you make Candles? I bought a kit a little while ago and enjoyed it.  When I found these cute little metal watering cans I was set to go - A wick and some melted wax in the microwave and you have a fun easy gift. For Mothers Day I used roses I dried in… Continue reading Candles Making gifts


Candle making

Perfect for Valentine's Day  gift a candle made in an old tea cup. Melt wax in microwave. Place wick in middle of cup ,pore wax and let set. You can put fragrance if you want to. Liss


Crafting Today

Thursday gift- Antique cup and saucer turned into a candle. Cup - filled with melted soy wax,rose petals and rose essence. A wicked and let hard. A perfect use for all your old cups. Also great for Mothers Day. Lisa