Book Review * The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook

Book Review * The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook Slow-cooking our food has been around for centuries--and feeding babies, well, that's been happening even longer.  In this book, we combine a fabulous and convenient way to cook (in most cases, just add a few fresh ingredients to a slow cooker, set the heat level, and walk away!) with new and wonderful ways to feed babies [...]

Garden Journal for my Mom

Garden Journal for my Mom

Today's Journal is a present for my Mom birthday, She's an avid gardener & spends lots of time planning her garden. We are lucky that in Louisiana we can garden about year round. Bulbs go now  for the spring . So as she plans I jot down facts,pictures and plans.  Album is a 5 by 7 [...]

Soap making with Lisa

Today's craft handmade soap- Melt and pour goat milk base.Melt in microwave-drop in essence and pour in molds. Drop in lavender.Let harden.Pop out of molds.And wrap. Lisa New to soap milking - melting and pour bases come in great scents.Or try the many kits out there. Hobby Lobby,Micheals,and Amazon has great supplies.