Hope Breeds Peace :

It's Monday & time for me to post about my 2016 word : Hope  . This month we look at technology in our life.  Which brought me to education -since my son attended an On Line school for 6 years and the new school year starts around the corner. As educators get ready for the [...]

Sunday Blog Update *

Sunday Update *  Another Rainy Day in South Louisiana.  We are running  around today delivering food  and going grocery shopping. Hope you Sunday is Sunny.       Today's Nation Chocolate Almond  Day on Lisa's Daily Grind  : My recipe for 4 item Almond Joy Cookies. Check out my Creative Blog @ recipe link     [...]

Project – Hope

My today's project :  my Hope album -I am making a scrapbook filled with images,pictures & thoughts about my journey . I had this cool stamp in my collection & stamped it on some cream paper. Now how to include it in my book?    Have any suggestions  to what to include ? And how to [...]

Monday * Hope

Today is a Holiday for many of in the United States - so enjoy the day & this quote. Want more information on the holiday History .com   So many of you know I am doing Ali Edwards - One Little Word 2018 - my word is Hope  Why dis I chose -Hope ?    Old English hopian [...]

The Word – Hope

The Word – Hope

Hello -Tuesday ! Hope you had a happy & safe New Year! The Word Hope can mean many things: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. want something to happen or be the case. That's why I chose it for my =One Little Word 2018 with Ali Edwards. sign uo Can't [...]