BRA Day ! Oct 17th we celebrate Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Happy BRA Day @ more information    Oct 17th 2018  Breast Reconstruction  Awareness RECONSTRUCTION QUICK FACTS Many women eligible for breast reconstruction following cancer surgery are not being informed of their options. All women should know their options. It's time to close the loop on breast cancer. Studies have revealed: Eighty-nine percent of women want to see … Continue reading BRA Day ! Oct 17th we celebrate Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Garden Journal for my Mom

Today's Journal is a present for my Mom birthday, She's an avid gardener & spends lots of time planning her garden. We are lucky that in Louisiana we can garden about year round. Bulbs go now  for the spring . So as she plans I jot down facts,pictures and plans.  Album is a 5 by 7 … Continue reading Garden Journal for my Mom

Wine Journal and a Recipe

Happy Wednesday  ! Today's  journal post is about WINE. Yes - Wine.  We joined an online wine club and received our first 4 wines .  Two bottles of Red and Two bottles of White. bought from Winc Winc -Wine club  that is delivered to our door each month. My journal tracks what we have received and … Continue reading Wine Journal and a Recipe

Season of change*Tuesday Inspiration

Happy Tuesday ! a little inspiration for you - My season page with a bible verse from  Daniel !  He Changes times and Seasons - and the journey is filled with wonder .  Lisa      My Card using a bible verse from John - perfect for someone going through a change in life.  

Labor Day Holiday !

Happy Labor Day in the USA ! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend .This marks the end of Summer & in lots of places  school is  finally back in session.  My hubby actually has the day off so everyone is sleeping late  and if the weather holds off it's ribs on the grill . This time soaked … Continue reading Labor Day Holiday !

Pocket Journal for Scrapbooking

Hello Wednesday ! Today I am sharing another type of journal .  I seem to collect them .  I am a scrapbooker & card maker and on my blogs I like to share my creations each month. This journal I found had pockets under the months where I can store keepsakes,ideas and cards I want to … Continue reading Pocket Journal for Scrapbooking

Welcome to Me Monday *

Welcome to Monday !  Today I would like to thank all my followers and those that are new to my site - Welcome friend.  Grab your morning coffee and sit down and Enjoy. Lisa Everyday Life - is just that my everyday life in South Louisiana. Each day I share a little of what is … Continue reading Welcome to Me Monday *

The Four Season of Louisinan

Happy Friday !      If you live in Louisiana Seasons dont really change much as other parts of the United States. You can only notice the change when the topic of conversation changes- From Crawfish Boils to hunting & Football. A sign the  new school year began and  its football season in Louisiana. Football … Continue reading The Four Season of Louisinan

Aug 8 journal Entry * Thankful

Today is Aug 8th : What am i thankful for this week.  Is today's prompt. Need to check the list - check my planner page up top. , Lisa  Well I am thankful that my Mom's latest hospital visit was short.  She went in to do some maintenance on her port for  dialysis.  Mom's home and back … Continue reading Aug 8 journal Entry * Thankful

Celebrating Sister’s Day *

  Happy Sister's day !    Today I celebrate my wonderful sister and all the sisters of my heart. Have a wonderful Sunday !    Today's Quote:  Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. Margaret Mead