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DIY craft 

Had a old baking sheet I spray painted to hold some magnets. Mine white but you could do any color.

From Office Depot small square clips I decorated with scrapbook supplies.

Great gift or can be used in bedroom or kitchen to hold notes,recipes or photos. Have fun making this. Lisa


Recycled Candles


Today ‘s Craft post is about recycling an old candle into something new. I had an old candle – the wick was bad and have used up. I remelted the jar candle and took the wax and made a new candle.

1 old candle ( remelted in water bath))

1  mini pie tin  ( this was recycled from a pie I bought at the store)

1 new wick ( which I had on hand)

Set wick in pie tin,pour melted wax ( hot from container) and let set up.

I reused a pie tin but you can use any container  you have. Thanks and have fun!







Recycled crafts

I collect a ton of beads -pull out green and gold and have fun. Kids can have fun by filling in outlines with glue and beads

Took an old compensation  notebook of my son and and covered the cover. Envelope perfect for gift card or book mark or supplies