Valentine Felt Coffee Wraps

It’s Saturday morning and time for Coffee ! And this Saturday we are making something for the coffee lover in your life for Valentine:

Coffee wraps that hold gift cards :

  • Pattern (you can make yourself/pintrest ) for holder & hearts
  • Felt squares easy to work lots of colors with /no frayed edges
  • Sew on snaps (Velcro or other closure)
  • Basic sewing supplies

From felt:

  • a base wrap
  • card holder
  • Hearts or any decorations.

I just measured the cup and add 2 inches for overlap for the pattern. Cut out your base the size of pattern/ then cut a second one a little smaller to make a pocket for gift card. Cut out hearts in different colors to decorate.

Once all cut out layout your design. If you like you can pin in place or a drop of glue. Sew hearts on pocket and then Sew pocket on front of wrap-leaving room on top to place gift card. Then wrap and coffee cup and place sew in snap to hold wrap.

This is a quick and easy gift perfect for any occasion- with basic craft supplies. Using felt means no worry about the edges. Lisa

Valentine Kitchen Towel Apron

Need a quick and easy Valentine gift for the cook in the family! A Valentine Apron.

What you need :

  • Valentine Kitchen towel (mine came from Dollar store)
  • Ribbon ( will be the Ties for the apron) in matching color
  • Basic Sewing Supplies /Machine

Directions :

  1. Fold dish towel in half width-wise -with pattern showing
  2. Make three pleats by pinching fabric (1 in middle of towel and 1 on each side ) Pin in place.( Box pleats) . Then sew across the top of pleats to keep them in place.
  3. Then measure out enough ribbon to go around wait and add extra for ties (you make have to guess if you are giving as a gift/extra is always good)
  4. Then pin Ribbon on to dishtowels (fold ribbon in half this is the center and pin to center of towel. Pin across in place and sew -across . Both top and bottom. You can also use a decorative stitch if you have one on your machine.
  5. Done!

Pleats :

Ribbon ties :

You can make these for all occasions – they are inexpensive and cute.

Halloween apron:

Valentine Fabric Fun *

Happy Friday ! And February is just around the corner and as usual for us its a busy time of the year ! Today I am sharing some fun and Easy Hear shaped gifts perfect for Valentines but with a little change up can be used for multi of occasions. So get out your stash of fabric or fat quarters . And lets get sewing :

  • Use this template – Cut 1 in fabric and 1 in lace
  • Ribbon for hanger,
  • place two heart pieces together with ribbon in the Sandwich in the middle. Sew together the heart and making sure you catch the hanger and all sides. But leave room to fill with homemade potpourri , Sew shut after you have stuffed your heart.
Homemade rose potpourri  from my garden .

Potpourri Recipe :

Take your clean dry rose leaves – place in a container sprinkle the mixture with one half teaspoon each of ground cinnamon and ground lavender. Take the potpourri to the next level by sprinkling it with four to five drops of rose essential oil or rosewater. Close the container, and shake. Leave in a warm, dry spot for 24 hours, and then shake again.

Valentine Coffee / Tea Mug Quilt :

I had there Valentine fat quarter from Moda fabrics in my fabric stash. So I made a quick mug rug for all the Coffee/Tea lovers in my life.
Mug rugs are typically any size between a 4 x 7 and a 12 x 8.  They are known for being able to place your mug on with a tasty treat such as a croissant, bagel or cookie. 

What is a Fat quarter ? They are taken from one yard of fabric,cut in half lengthwise,and then in half width-wise. The dimensions are approximately 18″ x 22

  • 4 different valentine fabric
  • basic heart pattern /
    Stitch Witchery, Heat N Bond, (applique )
  • Quilt batty /fleece
  • Sewing machine , Iron ,basic sewing supplies

Decide on your size – Mine is finished 4 by 7 .

  • (2) base fabric 5 by 8 -giving room to 1/2 inch turn down all edges & iron edged
  • 1 red fabric – 4 by 7 and turn down 1/2 inch around all edges /iron,
  • batting to fit square
  • 2 hearts cut and heat and bond . Follow directions to use heat and bond to attach hearts to read fabric square.
  • pin and sew red fabric square to top of your mug square .
  • Then Sandwich your mug quilt- By sewing together – bottom layer ,batting and top layer. Quilt as you like. With machine or by hand,

These are basic direction but detail direction ,videos and free patterns can be found on the web using all types of materials and occasions. Have fun and make it your own for someone you love. Lisa