Candle making

Perfect for Valentine's Day  gift a candle made in an old tea cup. Melt wax in microwave. Place wick in middle of cup ,pore wax and let set. You can put fragrance if you want to. Liss


Fabric gifts

Follow me on  @ Lisa Jung on Pinterest There's something for everyone there !   Lisa Today's Craft to Celebrate Valentine- Gifts made with fabric. Using my stash of fabrics -I came up with these quick and easy gifts. Hope they inspire you too! Lisa  A  quilted book cover with a pocket to hold your supplies.… Continue reading Fabric gifts

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Valentine Candy

  3 cups sugar             2 eggs stiffly beaten Pinch of salt              1 cup chopped pecans ¾   cup white corn syrup     1 teaspoon almond extract ½ cup water Put sugar, salt & water in saucepan –cook unit soft ball stage. Pour half ten mixture into stiffly beaten egg whites. Return other half of candy to heat… Continue reading Valentine Candy


Wreath for Valentine 

A Valentine's  Day door wreath for the holiday.  Hearts,roses and ribbons.