Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch Today is –

Stuffed Pork Lion chops

Corn Bread Dressing

Green Beans


In South Louisiana It’s called dressing and contains meat . We use it as stuffing and as a side dish. It is completely cooked before using as stuffing.  I know in other parts of the US stuffing is what is stuffed in a turkey (other items) and may or may not contain meet .

So is it Stuffing or Dressing? You decide and tell me – your thoughts ?  Lisa

Cornbread Dressing-

2 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread

1/2  lb. ground beef & pork

Trinity ( chopped onion,bell pepper and celery)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 can cream of Chicken soup

Make cornbread as direction. Let Cool and crumble. Saute vegetables, add meat and brown. Add Soups and 1 can water cook 30 minutes. Add cornbread and Mix. You may need to add a little water if need. Place in casserole dish and Bake 20 minutes @ 350 degrees until top is brown.


Pork Lion

Cut 2 chops from Lion  and trim.

Marinate in – Shaoxing Wine and Dark Soy Sauce -for 20 minutes.

Take out – Cut Pocket and Stuff

Grill at 350 degrees until done.

  • Can also be done with porch chops – you can ask your butcher to cut a pocket for stuffing if you don;t know how.


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Pocking Easter Eggs

Louisiana Tradition

from  –

Its a Cajun Tradition many of us take for granted, the art or science of “pocking” Easter eggs with friends and family on Easter Sunday. Pocking eggs is a little secret for most living in South Louisiana, yet there are still so many within Louisiana that have never heard of this friendly Easter exhibition.

Sure, most families that observe Easter will boil and color Easter eggs in preparation of the holy day, but some families put their eggs to different use. A majority of people will use their decorated eggs for Easter egg hunts, yet others use the eggs for a nice family tradition.

Pocking Easter eggs requires two people with each an egg, a boiled egg of course, and one of the participants taps on the other’s egg. Which ever egg breaks first in the tapping process, looses the friendly egg battle. Some claim that there is a science to this madness, but what it really comes down to is who has the stronger egg. Often the person who wins the pocking competition will go on his of her way with their winning egg and continue to use that egg in other pocking competitions, that is until it breaks.

Like most forms of competition, pocking Easter eggs sometimes brings out the cheaters in family and friends. While the eggs used for pocking are boiled, it is understood that you should only use chicken eggs. However, through the years I have seen family and friends use duck eggs, guinea eggs, and even FAKE eggs just to win the pocking competition.

After all of the pocking is complete, the broken eggs are often used for a better known tradition on Easter Sunday—The Easter Egg Hunt!! But that isn’t all. Most of these broken eggs, if not damaged too severely, are often later used in various food recipes. So as you can tell, the eggs used for pocking are put to good use after the competition.

Growing up in south Louisiana, I was under the impression that everyone pocks eggs on Easter Sunday. It has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, but in recent years I have learned that the art of pocking eggs is strictly a regional tradition. I should note here that the roots of pocking do belong to those in parts of the Europe and the Middle East. However, I was utterly surprised to learn that our friends and neighbors to the north of us, in our home state for that matter, have never heard of pocking eggs. I highly encourage you to start this family tradition this Easter and your family will quickly adopt the fun of pocking eggs. Good Luck!!!

Enjoy this article and video – the individuals in the video is family member . Published a few years ago. Thanks Lisa

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High Lights from New Orleans

Some ways to see what’s going on in New Orleans -without being there. Lisa 





Jackson square Cam – Live


Mardi Gras cam       Streaming video all the time. Parade highlights.


Fun Parades in the Big Easy –

Krewe of Barkus   Jan 19   New Orleans 


The Red Bean Parade

Red Beans and Rice Krewe Lundi Gras Parade Route for 2017

The 2017 Red Beans Parade is on February 27th. The parade starts at 2:00 pm at the Marigny Opera House, 725 St. Ferdinand St.

Read Bean Parade info

Let ’em Eat Cake

New Orleans’ iconic, sugar-sprinkled dessert treat is so popular that it is now celebrated with its own special gathering, the King Cake Festival, on Sunday, Jan. 31 in Champions Square. This third annual festival, which is free and open to the public, features food (lots of king cakes) from 20 bakeries around town. To counteract all that cake, there’s also the Gladiator Games, complete with a one-mile fun run and other fitness activities, as well as music acts like local favorite Flow Trib