Day at the Museum

Happy Friday ! 

The weather in South Louisiana is hot & Humid  with the temperature in the 90’s -I guess Summer is around the corner, When it get’s this way a favorite place to hang out is the local Science Museum.


My Son was like a lot of other kids a Big Dinosaur nut – So today since its Endangered Species Day we are at the Museum. Lafayette Science Museum

It has something for everyone –

  • Planetarium Great programs for school kids/ adults
  • Virtual Reality Labs Labs
  • Energy Unearthed – with ,rocks
  • Dinosaur Labs

    Age of Mammals

    The first floor atrium features fossil casts from the Cenozoic Period, also known as the Age of Mammals, which began 65 million years ago and continues to the present. The display includes an American mastodon, a giant ground sloth, and saber-toothed cats. The last of these mammals appear to have become extinct about 10,000 years ago.


    Beyond the atrium, a fossil of an extinct giant camel, called Megatylopus, is on display as part of the UL Lafayette Geology collection. The fossil is the most complete skeleton known of the creature, which stood 12-14 feet tall and functioned much like a giraffe. The excavation and transport of the 7 million year old fossil found in Oregon was completed by Dr. James E. Martin, curator of paleontology and research professor with UL’s School of Geosciences.

    While viewing Megatylopus, students can also see geologists at work in the UL Geology Preparation Laboratory. Faculty, staff, students, and volunteers work in the lab to remove fossils and minerals from rocks collected in the field. Using microscopes, miniature jack hammers and sandblasters, and other tools, preparators locate fossils ranging from minuscule mice to immense mammoths. The fossils and mineral specimens are prepared for scientific research, displays, and preservation.

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