Dog Mom Day * Like Cats & Dogs

Dog Mom Day * Like  Cats & Dogs

Yes I am a Dog Mom!!! Let’s Celebrate –

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It’s National Dog Mom Day !!!! This one is for you :

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Laura is drifting through life.

Spencer has the next decade perfectly planned.

Laura loves her dog Frank.

Spencer pampers his cat Mozart.

Both humans have nothing in common, but when there’s a mix-up with a vacation rental house, they’re suddenly stuck together.

At first, they fight like cats and dogs. Yet they can’t deny that opposites definitely attract. Can they find a way to share a roof without driving each other crazy…or falling in love?

This funny, feel-good romance contains a free Hallmark original recipe for S’mores Waffles.

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Craft Alert: “Everywhere” is Special When You’re Wearing a Crown, So Make One for Mother’s Day

Craft Alert:  “Everywhere” is Special When You’re Wearing a Crown, So Make One for Mother’s Day

Day #12 Featured Blog

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

IMG_2247 Various Crafting Supplies:  Scissors, bottle caps, aluminum foil, candies. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

During a Halloween blitz through Epcot just a few years ago, inspiration struck me as I watched a woman stumble through the streets of the World Showcase. She had a beer in one hand and was wearing a shiny tiara. In that moment, I thought to myself, “I should really wear tiaras more often. They look like so much fun.” However, the daily duties of laundry, running my child to swim practice, helping students with papers, and blogging once a week made that once-in-a-lifetime sparkly moment fade like my “tankini” after just one water aerobics class. After all, where would I possibly go that would warrant the use of a tiara? Yet, Mother’s Day is one day, I believe, when people would actually expect me to wear a tiara—perhaps even a giant crown. And I don’t want…

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