July 1st * National Postal Worker Day

Happy July  1st !! The Summer is truly here with temperatures in the 90"s. Hope you having  a great Summer - we are busy getting our Son ready for his first year of college.   Did You know that July 1st is National Postal Worker Day ?   National Postal Worker Day is observed annually on... Continue Reading →

Rainy Sunday Morning*

It's Sunday Morning  News: Today is going to be busy day. I already have lunch/ Dinner in the Crackpot -so just have to make some side. Will drop off some to parents. The Boys need hair Cuts & Paper work together for College orientation is Monday. I need to get clothes ready & label the... Continue Reading →

Pick Strawberries Day!!

Happy Sunday !   Today we celebrate the bounty of the Earth - Strawberries. !! Nothing better than picking your own berries & enjoying them right off the bush, If you were lucky enough to be here in April for the Strawberry Festival lucky  you  -but If not  you can still have time to pick some... Continue Reading →

Day #6 : May Discovery Blog Tour

  Happy Sunday ! And today our  #6 stop is with Brianne   from Brianne blog Stop bye & Discover what's going on her Blog for May !! Today's Post a Mother's Day Paper Bag Book @Cre8tionbybrianne For the full schedule of the Blog - You can check my Home page.  And all social media    ... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day –

Happy Earth Day 2018   Wild flowers that are eatable - please be careful of what you pick & eat. Most parks  services have tours or more information from professional. Some of Louisiana bounty is-  Sow thistle -found around New Orleans area . Cooked like greens. Chickweed is another plant that likes to take up... Continue Reading →

Let’s Celebrate * Eraser Day

Happy Sunday Morning! Do you know that there's something special going on everyday on the calendar.  Today's special day is a great one dedicated to all  you that use an eraser - its Eraser Day! Discovered on this day in 1770 - an English man named Joseph Priestley officially discovered the erasing properties of Indian rubber... Continue Reading →

Natchioches Meat Pies

Today's Sunday  * April 8th and its National Emanada Day ! But Meat pies are big in lots of different cultures  in the world . They can be sweet or savory these hand pies are a big in Louisiana . The town of  Natchitoches la is famous for them & even a yearly festival. It... Continue Reading →

Empanada Day !!

  An empanada (Spanish pronunciation:  is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries of The Americas and in Spain. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Empanadas are made by folding dough over a stuffing, which may consist of meat, cheese, corn, or... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter –

Happy Easter ! - April Fool ! - Happy April!  I have bread in the bread maker for Lunch -sides cooking  and Coffee on. Ready to enjoy my Morning quiet time.  So Welcome to April -  Lisa    * Need some kid friendly April Fool Pranks  check out parenting.com        

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