Let’s Celebrate * Red Roses Day

Happy Red Roses Day   !!!  No it’s not February June is the birth flower for June.  

red rose
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

ach year on June 12, people in the United States observe National Red Rose Day. It honors the flower that is a symbol of love and romance, the red rose.

The June birth flower is the rose.

Red roses were used in many early cultures as decorations in wedding ceremonies and wedding attire.  It was through this practice that, over the years, the red rose became known as a symbol of love and romance. The tradition of giving red roses as the strongest message of love is still practiced today.

In June, red roses are in bloom in flower gardens across the United States, and their beauty and sweet scent fill the air with happiness.



Knock Out Roses roses info

If like many people, you are afraid to try roses in your garden, you need to try the revolutionary Knock Out® Family of Roses. The only rose that doesn’t need special care from you, these shrub roses will reward you with a season long show of blooms from spring to frost. With ten great colors to choose from, you’ll want to add these easy-to-grow roses to your garden year after year.

I am not much of a gardener but these Roses live up to there name. I have had mine for many years and take little work here in South Louisiana. If you have always wanted to grow roses try these.   Lisa




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