Feb Planner Fun *

February Planner Fun this week :

We have a very busy week – with lots of excitement from Valentines with fun crafts and recipes. Every day is something special so lets celebrate in a special way and on our planner. We have all the fun days included . The planner is done with stickers and daily reminders – perfect to keep me on track for post on my blog. Lisa

National Cheddar Cheese Day 2/13:

Valentine Day 2/14 :

Gum Drop Day 2/15 :

Check back for a great recipe .

Almond Day 2/16 :

Almond recipes this Saturday !

Book Tour : Chronicles of a Hero

Let’s Welcome author : Jaime Buckley’s Author of Chronicles of a Hero :

Prelude to a Hero Chronicles of a Hero Book 1 by Jaime Buckley Genre: YA Fantasy

Nerd. Introvert. He was the hero they never knew they wanted. All Wendell hoped for was a decent job, a hot new car and a girlfriend to match. What he got was the mantle of a legendary hero, the heart of a girl who had no idea who he really was…and a diamond bigger than his fist. What could possibly go wrong? Prelude to a Hero is book one in the Chronicles of a Hero series, by Jaime Buckley. If you enjoyed Tiffany Aching, Harry Potter or Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love this humorous, original epic fantasy, packed with magic, mystery and sharp kicks to the funny bone. “I’m already a HUGE fan of fantasy fiction, this book appealed to me as I felt it would be something new and unique… I wasn’t left disappointed!”**only 99 cents**Goodreads * Amazon

Race to Til-Thorin Chronicles of a Hero Book 2

Dream girls. Fried snails. A 30” bodyguard with pink ponytails. Being a hero comes with learning curves. The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as it connects with your face. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professionals to help him. Instead, he’s stuck with a feisty gnome, a senile old wizard and a green skinned, cigar-smoking babysitter to guide him. Is it too late to quit? Fans of epic fantasy will cheer Wendell on as the Chronicles of a Hero series continues in book two. Those who enjoy the world building skills of J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and Brandon Sanderson will surely get addicted to this original new world. Feed your fantasy needs and grab your copy today! “I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I don’t KNOW how long it’s been. Just when the tension is about to make my heart pop, Chuck or Dax or a situation will pop up and make you laugh.”Goodreads * Amazon

Into the Fire Chronicles of a Hero Book 3

Stranded, alone…with a tree sticking out of his bellybutton. Wendell’s task is simple: get to Til-Thorin Keep. No problem. Add to that no map, no help and no flippin’ idea where he is and you have a day in the life of our hero. Oh wait—we forgot to add the army of cannibals now nipping at his heels. It just might be the death of him. Elemental magic and nail-biting action are what you can expect in book three of Chronicles of a Hero. Fans of Dragonlance and The Hobbit will love this new addition to the series. Don’t wait to grab your copy—buy one today! “I think this book will be well-liked by those who like Harry Potter, but I think it goes to a new level where those who didn’t like Harry Potter can still love this book!”Goodreads * Amazon

Trench Wars Chronicles of a Hero Book 4

Wizards. Elves. Giant Robots with Automatic Weapons. Wendell is dying for a change of scenery, but Clockworks City has a ban on all outsiders. It’s a law punishable by death. So how does a 5’ 10” human hide among 1.5 BILLION gnomes? By competing in the #1 televised extreme sport in the country, of course. Enjoy bullets, babes and a bowl of mushroom soup as this series jumps from humorous fantasy to comical science fiction! If you enjoy a good laugh, intense action and unexpected endings, you’ll love book four in the Chronicles of a Hero series. Grab your copy and keep the epic buzz going! “(got yelled at by mom to put my Nook away all week….*sigh*) It was that good.” Goodreads * Amazon

Second Chances Chronicles of a Hero Book 5

Fame. Fortune. Thrown into the City incinerator. Wendell’s chance at the title was always a long shot. Since then he’s been on TV, Radio and even has the attention of The Church. Fact is, he’s more popular than ever. So why are people trying to kill him? (It’s the cheesy goatee, isn’t it.) Second Chances is book 5 in Jaime Buckley’s Chronicles of a Hero series. Laugh, cheer and bite your nails as this epic fantasy takes you on a crazy ride, twisting down ramps and out a back window! Pick up a copy today! “You know you have found a great book when you want to slap the author and give the author a hug at the same time, when you take some of the plot turns personally.” Goodreads * Amazon

The Truth About Lies Chronicles of a Hero Book 6

Caught. Tortured. Scheduled for execution. Any Questions?. Wendell and Dax are exposed and the gnomes of Clockwork City are freaking out. Are they spies? Is this an invasion? Was this all just a terror tactic to get gnomes to pay their taxes? Now with Wendell under arrest and Dax under armed guard, it’s going to take a pardon from President Shrub to set them free. Good thing Chuck’s planning to kidnap his kids. The Truth About Lies is book six in the Chronicles of a Hero series by Jaime Buckley. The series that makes you laugh, squirm, grit your teeth and has you begging for more. Make sure to grab yourself a copy! “I loved this book because it takes a misfit who was never really liked or appreciated and it shows the beginning of the process of him unlocking his potential and becoming something greater than anyone would have imagined for such a small, insignificant person.”Goodreads * Amazon

The Price of Fame Chronicles of a Hero Book 7

Honest Politicians. Humane Terrorists. Religious Devils.Then it gets confusing… Wendell’s learned that gnomes are just as irritating and dangerous as humans…they just come in smaller packaging. Citizens are rebelling, the government’s collapsing, the Church is selling off the poor and Dax’s head on the chopping block. All Chuck needs to get everyone home is a city wide diversion, a flying S.L.A.G., four lawyers, a hand grenade…and a tiny bit of string. It feels good when a plan comes together! The Price of Fame is book seven in the Chronicles of a Hero series by author Jaime Buckley. If you love a good laugh and incredible plot twists to keep you guessing, this book will curl your toes and put a smirk on your face! “…packed with wild imaginations and inspirations. It’s a rarity that a YA book contains the combination of those three things but Wanted: Hero has them. Seriously, you don’t want to miss reading this book in your lifetime.”Goodreads * Amazon**Special Tour Promo!!**

Get all 8 books + 2 Wallpapers for only $9.99!!Order HERE!

Jaime Buckley married young, winning the heart of a beautiful Samoan princess

and together, they had 12 amazing children.

One of the original ‘lost boys’ of Peter Pan, Jaime never truly grew up. Though he is respected as a traditional father figure, he still enjoys late night conversations with Santa Clause, flirting with the Tooth Fairy and has an occasional beer with Bigfoot. Wizards and warriors seek his counsel while monsters tremble at the mention of his name. An accomplished writer and illustrator of all things fictional, Jaime has a passion to entertain and uplift. He loves God, his country, his family and continues to expand his influence and friendships by stepping onto the Twitch platform as a Creative streamer. Jaime can always be found through Wanted Hero, his greatest project, and passion. Website * Web Store * Facebook * Facebook * Twitter * Google+Pinterest * Instagram * Youtube * Twitch * Amazon * Goodreads

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Three amazing prizes!!! #1)A one-of-a-kind full color HD character sketch from the books–of ANY character the winner wants, created in a live stream session and autographed to the winner by name. (a $300 value) #2) a PDF copy of the first 5 unedited chapters of Chronicles of a Hero, Book 8: Howling Shadows (scheduled to be released fall 2019) #3) A digital copy of ‘An Unsolvable Problem’ (any format)–the Origin Story of Dax, one of the main characters of the Chronicles of a Hero story (not available for sale). a Rafflecopter giveaway

Memo to self: Don’t forget to Destroy the Universe.

Meet the Author in this Guest Post :

You’re here!

Welcome to the Chronicles of a Hero book blog tour.

You get a cookie for showing up.

It’s only digital, but if you contact the webmaster, you’ll get one emailed to you.


There’s an exciting aspect of writing novels that I have become addicted to: research.

I love learning about new things, places, people, events, science and the list goes on. But there’s a side effect to this grand adventure in expanding your brain and that’s awareness.

Wanted Hero has been on my mind and on my lips as stories for children and adults alike for decades, but it never occurred to me, being a story with a great deal of humor, obnoxiousness, puns, danger and magic, that aspects of it truly didn’t make sense.

Thank heaven for awesome wives who catch things like this before books go to print!

My desire is always to help you lose yourself in the adventures. Show you the wonderful cities and ancient glyphs, ride the wild beasts of forgotten realms…and believe in the end that it just might exist after all.

That takes more than just smiling when a clever reader asks you ‘why?‘ or ‘how is that possible?

The answer can’t always be “it’s magic“.

Not only does that become anticlimactic, it’s flat out lame IMO.

Enter “the wife”. The brilliant woman who says I’m the creator, but she’s the ‘organizer‘.

(I love when she says that…)

When I got out the years of notes to do the novel series, we agreed that no matter how long it took to release the first book, it would be the foundation to set the stage for the rest of the adventure.

A sure and solid foundation that worked, made sense and instilled a “WOW!” factor when it came to the Universe.

It also meant, that I had to realize many of the creations developed and even used in the comic version of the story, simply didn’t work in novel form.

This was an epic blow to me mentally and emotionally—because I’d spent years on those comics and they flew off my website faster than I ever could have imagined. So why wouldn’t it work in a novel, right?


I couldn’t draw everything I had in my mind, regardless of skill level. Yet in words, the FX department of my mind has an unlimited budget!

So where a simple revision might take days, weeks or even months, this has become a daily adventure as a writer. So far I have written the equivalent of nearly four times the size of the novel itself (which is roughly 120,000 words), just in NOTES.

And we’re not done yet.

The biggest discovery so far, has been The Universe.

Studying how stars work, their classifications, light, distance, habitable planets, etc….ALL tell me that my desire to have a single system with the multiple planets doesn’t work.

At least not in the fashion this story is meant to be told.


The answer? I now have to rewrite the entire structure and foundation history the story was based on and what The Great Sundering means, the events, people, cultures, conflicts and the end results of where the colonies end up.

Do I create new lands or races now? Do I create special plants, animals and magic with unique dynamics?

Double and TRIPLE Ouch.

Best part is, the deadline is Monday!

So hang tight my friends, this just gets better and better and I assure you, you’re going to be impressed.

Memo to Self: Don’t forget to buy milk, eggs, wash van, then destroy the Universe.

2019 Goals and Plans

Happy 2019! The Year of the Pig (Boar) in the Luna calendar (which starts in February).

Family News for New Year :

New Year was wet but quite as we celebrated at Mom’s with Smothered Cabbage,Black Eye Peas with bacon and my Hubby’s BBQ Ribs from the grill .Parades and Football on the screen playing in the background as we eat. A typical day for us.

My son is still on break from college enjoying a little home time before he goes back to school in a couple of weeks . We still need to do some college book shopping from Amazon. Did you know they rented College Textbooks? A great value for books that you know you will not keep ! If you are taking a class check here first !

Wednesday and hubby is back at work and getting ready for swearing in ceremony for Mayor and other elected official for our town. Life is going on as usual in our little town on the river. And a new Year starts in our town.

My family is lucky that we will Celebrate another New Year in February ! Chinese New Year is Feb 5th and we always celebrate with Food and holiday Fun. So we are double blessed this year with heath and wealth.

New Year Goals : Personal

  • Personal – exercise / yoga with age come wisdom but also some stiffness, I need to get moving. Walking and some light Yoga. I found a 30 day yoga I am going to try ! Any suggestions ?
  • Gratitude my word for 2019 – not only saying Thank You but showing it. Making it part of my everyday life.

Blog Goals :

  • Blog Goals : Social Media – this year I am going to take You Tube. I have a channel not used but my goal is to use it this year.

  • Right more -post less. Instead of lots of little post bigger post. But I am chatting – we will see how that goes,

  • I would like a 1500 followers. I know to some of you thats not a lot but for me its a Goal this year.
  • Lisa Book Shelf/Blog is being revamp. Looking for Author,Books and Readers to feature. Also new Goodread Goals and Blog Goals.
  • I will be blending in some post from Lisa Creative life ! Since its about family Memories in a digital way .

Thank You everyone who has been with me this past year ! 2019 is going to be another exciting Year –

Day After Christmas * Dec 26

Happy Wednesday! And yes the day after Christmas – back to work unless you are on break .

Are you shopping today for after Christmas bargains? Or are you taking a break from all of it and getting ready for New Year? Drop me a note and let me know!

In some parts of the World it’s Boxing Day!

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day. It originated in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire.
 It became an official holiday during the reign of Queen Victoria, though some historians trace its origins back much further—to medieval times. Today, it’s largely an extension of the Christmas holiday and a big day for sporting events and shopping.

Traditionally, it was a day when employers distributed money, food, cloth (material) or other valuable goods to their employees. In modern times, it is an important day for sporting events and the start of the post-Christmas sales.

Boxing Day is also an important day for sporting events. Traditionally, fox hunting was a popular sport in the upper class. Pictures of hunters on horseback dressed in red coats and surrounded by hunting dogs are often seen as symbolic of Boxing Day. Nowadays, fox hunting is outlawed. Horse racing and football (soccer) are now popular sports.No boxing involved, Lisa

Christmas weekly planner *

Today marks the 6th day before Christmas – and hope my True love doesn’t six laying Geese- I have no place to put them and they are not on my plan.

On the sixth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
6 Geese a Laying
5 Golden Rings
4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

This weeks plans :

Well this week we had a birthday party (father in law), Doctor appointment for my Mom , some Christmas lunch plans to make and last minute shopping to do – and yes all that daily Mom duties. My choice in planners is this one with larger places to write. Lisa

Some simple daily planner pages -decorated with sticker so I have lots of room to write this week plans and duties. Sometime small block don’t leave enough room in planners -so this is a great option to use.

  • One page – is a quick look with list and blocks for special events
  • 2 pages are Daily planner grids ( with M.t,W,T) & ( Fr.Sat,Sun ) on other page.

I do most of the family meals – so lot of meal planning and food shopping here. We are planning to hit the farmers market this Saturday for some fresh produce for our Christmas table. Also pick up a few gifts for some special people : Bacon jam,Bread ,Coffee and teas from local farmers are always a big hit as gifts. Lisa

December Calendar : Birthdays and Holiday plans

Today is the first Wednesday of December ! And it’s time to fill my calendar  events,parties and gift giving . How does your month look like? 

December Facts : 

December is the Yule Moon. Flower is the Holly . Gem – Turquoise 

December Holiday : 

It’s a fact most of our family has winter birthday ! Hum I wonder why? And whats funny my hubby’s family does too –  So birthday’s are celebrated with favorite food or small family gatherings with no gifts – My sister favorite dessert is featured bellow . Lisa 

  • Dec  1 small business shopping/ lights
  • Dec 2  Hubby Birthday /tree shopping
  • Start of advent  season 
  • Dec 3-10  Hanukkah  holiday
  • Dec 7  Pearl Harbor Remembrance 
  • My sister birthday 
  • Dec 8   son comes home/farmers market 
  • Tree lighting in the park 
  • Cookie baking day  for gift giving 
  • Dec 17 Father in law Birthday 
  • My hubby Office party 
  • Dec 21 Winter Solstice
  • Dec 24 Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25 Christmas
  • Dec 26 Boxing Day / start of Kwanzaa  
  • Dec 27 National Fruit Cake Day

Blondie Cookies  my Sister’s favorite : 

  • 21/2 C flour
  • 2/3 C margarine
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 pkg chocolate chips
  • 1 box brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 C Nuts  (chopped fine) 

Melt margarine-mix with brown sugar. Add an egg in at a time while mixing. Stir in flour,vanilla,nuts and chips into mixture. Pour into a greased cake pan and Bake at 359 for 25 minutes. Cut in slices- great with ice cream and caramel sauce. 

Calligraphy Kit Review and Project

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner”.

I picked this kit up at my local Barnes and Nobles the other day. It’s an inexpensive kit that has everything you need to get started. You can find similar kits at most retailers on line and in stores. A perfect gift for Christmas for anyone interested in the art of Calligraphy or handwriting in this digital age. Are just a fun kit to try out yourself.  Lisa 

In the Kit: 

  •  The book will teach you about the parts of the pen – and which nib to use. and ink.  Pen, Nubs  and filled cartridges 
  • How to hold your  pen
    Hold your pen diagonally at a 30 to 60 degree angle.

  • Don’t twist the nib as you write. …
    Lead the nib backwards or sideways across the paper. …
    Apply light pressure. 
  • As well as examples of different styles of alphabets and paper to practice on.

My practice Sheet and card project: 

Hand Lettering A-Z Workbook

Today’s paper post is about lettering and journaling. I hate my hand writing  it’s always a mixture of cursive and print and I don’t like to use it on pages. But I recent ally bought a lettering kit and I am practicing . So I can include more in my works. Here’s a great way to get started: 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Created by Abbey Sy, lettering expert and author of Hand Lettering A to Z, this must-have companion volume is a super-sized collection of drills, exemplars, and practice sheets for a variety of modern lettering styles, flourishes and other decorative elements, and motivational and inspirational quotes.

–Find essential how-tos for lettering with graphite and colored pencils, brush pens, fineline markers, and more
–Use the guided worksheets to try your hand at several modern styles, from simple to elaborate
–Progress to lettering beautiful and inspiring quotes (in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages) that feature a mix of styles and tools
–Worksheet pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove and work on

Get a worksheet workout and learn, improve, or expand your lettering skills with Hand Lettering A to Z Workbook!

Net Galley Review – this is the workbook to go along with the book. So if you have the book get The workbook . Filled with pages that you can use to practice what you have read about.   With handwriting – the only way to get better is practice . You will soon be on your way to beautiful lettering on cards , pages and Journals.  At least thats my plans. -Practice Makes Perfect.  Lisa 

Death Bakes a Pecan Pie

Tonight after the Cooking is done or tomorrow when you are relaxing who  about a cozy mystery to keep you company. This one is perfect full of great characters,a little mystery and a killer Pecan Pie.  Lisa  

It’s time for the Harvest Festival again, and Phyllis is determined to bake a killer pecan pie. 

Hollywood comes to Weatherford, Texas, as a movie company arrives to shoot scenes for a film based on the novel by Phyllis Newsom’s friend Eve. But movie fantasy turns to deadly reality as a murder recreated for film turns out to be the genuine article, and once more Phyllis has to track down a cunning killer to see that justice is done.

DEATH BAKES A PECAN PIE is the fourteenth novel in the critically acclaimed and best-selling Fresh Baked Mystery series. Phyllis and her friends tackle another complex case with all the humor, camaraderie, good-hearted warmth, and delicious recipes that have made readers around the world fall in love with this series.

Recipes included!

About the Author

Livia J. Washburn has been a professional writer for more than thirty years. She received the Private Eye Writers of America Award and the American Mystery Award for her first mystery, Wild Night, written under the name L. J. Washburn, and she was nominated for a Spur Award by the Western Writers of America for a novel written with her husband, James Reasoner. Her short story “Panhandle Freight” and “Widelooping a Christmas Cowboy” were nominated for a Peacemaker Award by the Western Fictioneers, and her story “Charlie’s Pie” won. She lives with her husband in a small Texas town, where she is constantly experimenting with new recipes. Her two grown daughters are both teachers in her hometown, and she is very proud of them.