Review of Grady



Recommended for 18+ Erotic Shapeshifter Romance, fantasy romance, paranormal fantasy

The McCade Dragon
4.Dalton (Coming Soon)
5.Lewis (Coming Soon)
6.Vance (Coming Soon)

Harper Bailey was in way over her head, and the trouble just seemed to keep coming. Her brother-in-law had frozen her personal accounts, and now she was on the run because she wouldn’t do as she was “told.” She had been told to abort the baby. Harper hadn’t wanted the baby she had been forced to carry in the first place, but now that she’d felt life, she would protect the child with hers.

Grady McCade knew that his mate had been found when she touched the piece of jewelry. The dragon had told him that if he didn’t hurry to her side, she would be found by the dragon slayers and her life could be ended as well as the life of the babe that she carried.

With Grady and Harper together, the dragon grows stronger, and the slayers pick up the pace in their quest for all the pieces of jewelry. Can the McCades stop them before they strike again? Are any of them safe? Find out in The McCade Dragon—Grady



Book 3 in this great series.  The dragon has found Grady’s mate and she in danger from her family. Harper has had a rough life and she is running for her life when the McCade family saves her. But Harper is a strong women and a talented potter and very under appreciated by her family. But she has found her new family and Grady. Grady the computer nerd and understated in his family becomes so much more.With mating he has  becomes stronger and bigger  . This new duo is a great combo and make for a great story. Looks like Dalton is the next brother to find a mate looking forward to his book.  lisa 

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