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Happy Sewing Machine Day !

Happy Sewing Machine Day !  If you are like me today is a special day to you. So clean up your machine in honor of Sewing Machine Day !  Lisa


The invention of the sewing machine by Connecticut native Elias Howe in 1846 touched off a technological, industrial, and social revolution. By making possible the manufacture of inexpensive clothing, it greatly speeded up the pace of industrialization (which had begun only a few decades earlier with the inventions of the spinning jenny, power loom, and cotton gin) and led to the building of newer, larger, and more modern textile mills, such as the Willimantic Linen Company’s great granite Mill Number Two and modern brick Mill Number Four. By changing the way that clothing was manufactured, it spelled the end of cottage industry and the old putting out system and ushered in the age of the sweatshop. By appealing to middle class homemakers, it facilitated the Cult of Domesticity and provided middle class women with the opportunity to prove that they could master complex machinery. Widely available a half century before typewriters or automobiles, more than any other machine the sewing machine came to symbolize women’s work in the modern era.Mill Museum

Sewing Machine Care-


Regular upkeep should keep your machine in tip-top shape. Store your sewing machine under a dust cover at room temperature in a dry place. Use only new, high-quality thread to reduce interior lint buildup, and regularly unplug the machine and dust inside the bobbin case with a soft cosmetic brush.

Brush lint and dust from around the machine area each time it is used. Change needles often. A bent or dull needle will not only damage your fabric, but yourmachine as well. Be sure your hands are clean before using your sewing machine

A screw driver will come with the machine.
  • Clean the feed dog. Remove the bobbin. Use the brush supplied to clean the area. Remove the bobbin case. …
  • Lubricate the points in the instructional manual with 1-2 drops of sewing machine oil. Turn the handwheel until the hook race is in the left position. Replace the hook.

Basic Tips – Sewing Machines -fixit



The 13th Annual Crawfish Boil

Had some live Problems but here some pictures and videos

For the Last 13 years my family has a Good Friday Crawfish Boil and Egg Hunt at my cousins Farms. Everyone brings there own drinks – a dessert or snack to pass around.

Make sure you check our you tube channel and facebook page for more pictures and video’s. Will be adding all weekend.  Lisa


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Review- Easter Sundae



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** A feel-good read with plenty of steam and ice cream. **

Thirty-two year-old Melissa Daniels doesn’t need a man. She has her son, her book boyfriends, and her ice cream. She has her Friday Night baths, and her glass of wine. (She also has an unbelievable itch from not having availed herself of the harder gender for over eight years.)

Keith Devonshire is a gazillionaire. He’s had every woman he’s ever wanted, and his stately mother never ceases to try and find “the right one” for him on their Easter get-togethers. But Keith’s idea of “the right one” is completely opposite to what his mother thinks. (His mother believes that not even the incumbent Princess of Monaco is good enough for her son.) Added to that, Keith is bored.

Until he meets Melissa.

And then things get interesting…

* CONTENT WARNING: Contains steamy sex scenes interspersed in between the humor. Intended to be read by ADULTS ONLY! *



Book Review – Okay  put the kids to bed  or take a break from holiday cooking and Read this short and hot holiday book. Set in England with a rich Book store owner and a single Mom with a book loving kid. A perfect escape from the busy holiday. It’s a quick read -so enjoy .   Lisa 

  • PS Its got a great Easter Egg hunt -too.

St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans and St. Bernard – Country Roads Magazine


Next week help them celebrate the holiday. Lisa

Valentine Lunch

We had Valentine’s Day lunch with my parents at a local restaurant. Not your Mom – serving seafood, steaks and comfort food. I had fried fish and shrimp,others had fish,pasta and green tomatoes.  Pasta had too much white sauce ,and stuffed mushrooms under cooked but the rest very good.Will be back . Lisa

Chocolate dipped Strawberries 

Chocolate dipped Strawberries for you Valentine Day 

I made these fast and easy for my parents .We have lunch plans to celebrate-lisa

You’re Mine, Valentine 

I think you might like this book – “You’re Mine, Valentine: A BBW Paranormal Wolf Shifter Novelette (Alpha Force Book 1)” by Paige Hammonds.

Start reading it for free: http://a.co/6GAqN5g