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Tuesday Review* How the Finch Stole Christmas

book link The Newest book in the : Bird Lover's Mystery Series   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and the only things on Birds & Bees owner Amy Simms’s wish list are peace, quiet, and birding beside her beau.  But in small town Ruby Lake, ‘tis the season to solve murders .… Continue reading Tuesday Review* How the Finch Stole Christmas

Book Spotlight · Friday

Book Spotlight * Death of a Scavenger

  book link  Free with Kindle Unlimited The 2nd book in the Juniper Grove Mystery Series! More than a few people in Juniper Grove want Maureen Nicholson dead, so when her body turns up during the town's annual October scavenger hunt, there’s no shortage of suspects or motives. But when suspicion for the murder falls… Continue reading Book Spotlight * Death of a Scavenger

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National Pumpkin Pie Day

National Pumpkin Pie Day! 1 (9inch) Pie shell 1 c sugar 2 eggs 1 1/2 c fresh or canned pumpkin 1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon- salt,nutmeg.ginger,cloves & all spice Mix all ingredients together and pour into shell. Bake @ 425 (15 minutes) - turn down to 350 degrees (35 minutes or until done) But… Continue reading National Pumpkin Pie Day

Book Spotlight · Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday * Cozy Mystery spotlight

Sunday - for me is quite time cup of coffee , working on a craft project  and maybe a good book. So maybe a book that combine it all -  I see a new project to stitch coming soon ! Lisa   book link In the latest mystery from the bestselling author of Wicked Stitch,… Continue reading Sunday * Cozy Mystery spotlight


Happy Sewing Machine Day !

Happy Sewing Machine Day !  If you are like me today is a special day to you. So clean up your machine in honor of Sewing Machine Day !  Lisa The invention of the sewing machine by Connecticut native Elias Howe in 1846 touched off a technological, industrial, and social revolution. By making possible the… Continue reading Happy Sewing Machine Day !


The 13th Annual Crawfish Boil

Had some live Problems but here some pictures and videos For the Last 13 years my family has a Good Friday Crawfish Boil and Egg Hunt at my cousins Farms. Everyone brings there own drinks - a dessert or snack to pass around. Make sure you check our you tube channel and facebook page for… Continue reading The 13th Annual Crawfish Boil

Book Spotlight · Wednesday / Hump Day

Review- Easter Sundae

  Amazon Purchase Link ** A feel-good read with plenty of steam and ice cream. ** Thirty-two year-old Melissa Daniels doesn't need a man. She has her son, her book boyfriends, and her ice cream. She has her Friday Night baths, and her glass of wine. (She also has an unbelievable itch from not having… Continue reading Review- Easter Sundae


St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans and St. Bernard – Country Roads Magazine Next week help them celebrate the holiday. Lisa


Valentine Lunch

We had Valentine's Day lunch with my parents at a local restaurant. Not your Mom - serving seafood, steaks and comfort food. I had fried fish and shrimp,others had fish,pasta and green tomatoes.  Pasta had too much white sauce ,and stuffed mushrooms under cooked but the rest very good.Will be back . Lisa

family recipes

Chocolate dipped Strawberries 

Chocolate dipped Strawberries for you Valentine Day  I made these fast and easy for my parents .We have lunch plans to celebrate-lisa