Happy Saturday Morning*

Happy Saturday Morning!  Another hot  & humid day in Louisiana . But a good chance of Rain in the afternoon. So It will be the perfect time to binge watch some TV as I get some crafty projects done this Memorial Day Weekend in the United States. For lots of people that's a 3 day … Continue reading Happy Saturday Morning*

Louisiana State High School Rally

In case you missed our Saturday Trip. We were at LSU for the State High School Rally. Its a rally of over 5000 students in the state that qualified for testing from district level in there chosen field, My son was testing in Environmental Science. -one of 54 high school test given with scholarships given to top … Continue reading Louisiana State High School Rally

Volunteer Recognition Day

Volunteer Recognition Day is being observed today! It has always been observed annually on April 20th.     Since we school at home we spend some of our free time volunteering around our area. This page was done on the project life app . & honors a great organization helping our waterways , techeprojects  The Teche Ecology, Culture and History Education Project … Continue reading Volunteer Recognition Day

Natchioches Meat Pies

Today's Sunday  * April 8th and its National Emanada Day ! But Meat pies are big in lots of different cultures  in the world . They can be sweet or savory these hand pies are a big in Louisiana . The town of  Natchitoches la is famous for them & even a yearly festival. It … Continue reading Natchioches Meat Pies

Lent Friday * Seafood Fundraiser

Happy Friday !! You made another week- In South Louisiana  Lent Friday means Seafood is served. Our local Catholic Church is having a Lenten Fun Raiser for a new roof. So every Friday in March you can stop bye & grab a plate of seafood Or stay and enjoy a game of bingo and contribute … Continue reading Lent Friday * Seafood Fundraiser

Monday’s & It’s time for Red Beans & Rice

Happy Monday ! And the beginning of a busy week  for my family - So on the menu today is Ted Beans & rice. Perfect for a busy Monday:     Louisiana is known for  it's  Monday 's  Red Beans & Rice Day but do you know why? Leave it to clever New Orleans housewives. … Continue reading Monday’s & It’s time for Red Beans & Rice

Sunday Morning Coffee*

Sunday Morning and having my Coffee! Charlie & i had our walk in the rain it looks like a day to stay inside and get some crafting done. But first I have to get my Lunch on. The guys cooked the meat on the grill last night - So just the sides. Mash potatoes and … Continue reading Sunday Morning Coffee*

Saturday Fun*

Hi Saturday !  It's been a busy day -if you follow me on Instagram you know we were at the Farmers Market this morning. A great place to do some finial Christmas  Shopping for the parents. Love all the local organic & crafted items.  Jams.Teas ,Coffee and More from Local Artisans   Lafayette Farmers and Artisan … Continue reading Saturday Fun*

Louisiana * Cities of the Dead

Today is Monday - and in honor of Halloween today's school post is about :Louisiana History Past/ Present & Cities of the Dead Louisiana has a  very long History -and its land soft & swampy. With New Orleans being under sea level. Burials in New Orleans  and other areas had to be handle different - … Continue reading Louisiana * Cities of the Dead

Hunting Wabbits Season

So If you are not a festival fan - It's Hunting Time !Oct 7th starts small game season and then on to deer season. Louisiana is the Sportsman Paradise- and we have lots of places to hunt and learn about the great outdoors. I come from a family of hunters and my Dad has hunted … Continue reading Hunting Wabbits Season