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Review- Billionaire Groom

Do you love Billionaires? Do you want to laugh out load?  Read this ! 



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VERY STEAMY. You’ve been warned!
Oh, I must add – it’s HILARIOUS too 😉

Four men with love and seduction on their minds. Four women who’ve vowed to stay single and free.

Crazy in love
I loved Blain George the moment he looked at me and tried to get me into his pants. He’s smart, funny and the sexiest man I have ever met. So yeah, I love him and I have given him my all. Every single part of me, even my crazy family who are more likely to kill him than not. I did give him my all until he took that love and crushed it beneath his thousand dollar boot heel. He wants me back? He’ll have to prove to me he’ll do anything to get me, even if he has to be crazy for this love.

Madly in love
Grayson George is a spoilt little rich by with delusions of grandeur and a backend that makes my knees weak with longing. I resisted. I fought. Heck, I even told my mama I’d move back home just to stop myself from wanting more than I should. But I should have known better than to taunt a man like Gray. Waking up married, with no recollection of how I got that way isn’t what frightens me. It’s the fact that when he touches me and makes me his, I am madly in love too.

Wildly in love
I have cheated, lied and done everything in my power for Tyson Fox to see me and know that we belong together. I want him so much and yet when his ex comes back into the picture and has him rethinking a relationship, I know, sometimes even cheating won’t get me the win. Sometimes, you have to leave the field and be the prize instead.

Recklessly in love
I finally stopped running and gave all of myself to Russell Mark. He’s my ideal. My heart. The only man I even look at anymore. And he’s left me all alone because as he’s proven over and over again, I’m poor second to his priorities. I love him. But I won’t long for a man who can’t see me for all I am.

Book Review- I downloaded this bundle thinking why not? And I must say that it was great. I spent most of the time laughing at the characters in these books. 

Here’s the basic 4 Billionaires have been friends forever, When the first one falls instantly in love he brings his three friends along and they fall in love with her three friends. But it;s not an easy road. There’s road blocks but each work out to a happy ending. But getting to that ending is whats so fun to read- Each book brings a fun set of characters that I see my own big loving family in. Read this bundle and get read to Laugh out loud.  Lisa 


Alphas for the Holidays

I think you might like this book – “Alphas for the Holidays: Over 30 Paranormal Winter Tales of Werewolves, Dragons, Shifters, Vampires, Fae, Special Forces, Witches, Billionaires, Magics, Ghosts, Demons, and more!” by Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, Celia Kyle, Elle Thorne, Mina Carter, P. Jameson, Kristen Painter, Chloe Cole, Colleen Gleason, K.F. Breene, Bella Love-Wins, Deanna Chase, Jennifer Blackstream, Angie Fox, Ann Gimpel, Christine Pope, Marie Mason, Anthea Lawson, Bianca D’Arc, Jovee Winters, Tasha Black, JC Andrijeski, Dawn Montgomery, Jaycee Clark, Suzanne Rock, Tracey H. Kitts, Celeste Anwar, Jax Cassidy.

Start reading it for free: http://amzn.to/2fGxCA6



Are you ready for the holiday? Let this bundle set you up for the winter season. This bundle has everything you want and need- vamp,witches,Demons and shifters. In books with holiday and winter themes. Each book is a jewel in its own and worth the price of the bundle. Have fun and enjoy this read. Lisa

Sawyer Brothers budle

I think you might like this book – “The Sawyer Brothers Series: Books 1 – 4” by C.A. Harms.




Start reading it for free: http://amzn.to/2fTjiYY

Book review- A great new book bundle books one thru ffur of the Sawyer brothers .Each book features a Sawyer brothers as a finds his love and family..f you haven’t read these books do and this is a great price for four books. And after you finish book 5 -Trinty is available for download . lisa