A Dish Best Served Cold * Rosie Genova

Book Buy Link The national bestselling author of The Wedding Soup Murder returns to the Jersey Shore where a killer is stirring up trouble during a hurricane… At the Casa Lido, the end of summer means a party, and hit whodunit writer Victoria “Vic” Rienzi and her family are cooking like crazy for the restaurant’s seventieth anniversary … Continue reading A Dish Best Served Cold * Rosie Genova

Let’s Get Cozy with Some BBQ *

That's Cozy Mysteries featuring BBQ - perfect for  your  holiday read.   Lisa      book link Rossalyn Channing’s savory new bacon-heavy business in a small town is booming, and she, along with son Ryan, is settling in quite well, until one of her favorite television shows comes to town wanting to film nearby. Rossie directs … Continue reading Let’s Get Cozy with Some BBQ *

Melville * Catfish Capital of Louisiana

Happy Monday Morning ! I am home today  & Guess what it's  National Catfish Day - My small town  of Melville calls it self  Catfish Capital of Louisiana. .  Since it's located on the banks of the Atchafalaya  River. So come visit - Good time * Good Food History :  This town’s history and commerce … Continue reading Melville * Catfish Capital of Louisiana

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Sunday ! And if you live in the US   :   Happy Father's  Day   And yes that's my Dad & me as a baby. So to everyone out there Happy Father's Day - If you stop bye  Lisa's Daily Grind today it's Fig Cake on the menu : Lisa's Daily Grind recipe You might ask about … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Sourdough Bread Recipe *

Welcome to Wednesday ! i am away from home today but I made this Sourdough Bread last weekend. Its the first time I made starter & Bread from scratch. Lisa So first You need to make the Starter. So you need to plan ahead -but once made you can keep feeding your starter. Om Monday … Continue reading Sourdough Bread Recipe *

Thursday Recipe * Quiche 2 Ways

Thursday and Its Food Day !!!  Today its all about quiche :  One with spinach & the other without. My Mom was gifted with some large farm fresh eggs  & had  left over ham and Sunday Brunch is served .  This  quick and easy Quiche was fun & a family affair as everyone help prepare the … Continue reading Thursday Recipe * Quiche 2 Ways

Natchioches Meat Pies

Today's Sunday  * April 8th and its National Emanada Day ! But Meat pies are big in lots of different cultures  in the world . They can be sweet or savory these hand pies are a big in Louisiana . The town of  Natchitoches la is famous for them & even a yearly festival. It … Continue reading Natchioches Meat Pies

Empanada Day !!

  An empanada (Spanish pronunciation:  is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries of The Americas and in Spain. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Empanadas are made by folding dough over a stuffing, which may consist of meat, cheese, corn, or … Continue reading Empanada Day !!

Monday Morning * PB&J sandwich day

Welcome Monday Readers - Thanks for being part of my March Birthday celebration. Now on too April April theme for my book tours is : Mystery books. If like me some of the first books you read may have been Nancy Drew ,Hardy Boys ,Box Car Children & Magic Tree House. This months I will … Continue reading Monday Morning * PB&J sandwich day

Good Friday & Good times

Happy Good Friday !  Today 's post is all about a family tradition. My family has a large annual Crawfish /Easter Egg hunt every Good Friday - This Easter we will be at the Thomasson Farm again with lots of family fun and Good food. Here some pictures from pass Good Friday -but check back … Continue reading Good Friday & Good times