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It’s time for Sno-Balls !

It's Time for - Ice Ice Baby  ! Snow Balls, Snow Cones, Frozen Ice and Frozen Daiquiris time in Louisiana - are Summer to Everyone else.     Snow cones are a variation of shaved ice or ground-up ice desserts commonly served in paper cones or foam cups.[1] The dessert consists of ice shavings that… Continue reading It’s time for Sno-Balls !

Sunday Morning

Sunday Lunch

It's Time for my Sunday Lunch Post- My Hubby Roasted a Chicken on the Grill on Saturday - Today - I made Chicken Fettuccine with white sauce and vegetables for my parents lunch. You can make your own sauce or use a bottle and vegetables can be frozen or fresh. Make it your own and… Continue reading Sunday Lunch

Thursday Food post

Rice Dressing or Dirty Rice ?

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom & Dad. My mother requested  my hubbies BBQ ribs  and she made the sides.    For Holidays the Question is always Corn Bread or Rice Dressing ? What's the difference ?  Corn Bread dressing is made with Corn bread and Rice Dressing uses Rice as main ingredient. And… Continue reading Rice Dressing or Dirty Rice ?

Thursday Food post

Thursday Food Fine- Kartchner’s

Thursday Food Find - I take you along  Hwy 190 in South Louisiana. In the town of Krotz Springs, Louisiana . You find this great store.  One great stop you can't miss  is  Kartchner's Grocery & Specialty Meats #2 Quality Cajun and Specialty meats. Hot boudin, fresh cracklins, smoked boudin, and much more. If you… Continue reading Thursday Food Fine- Kartchner’s

Monday's Recipe

Why Red Beans on Monday?

Why Red Beans on Monday ? A Louisiana Tradition -   Red beans and rice is an emblematic dish of Louisiana Creole cuisine (not originally of Cajun cuisine) traditionally made on Mondays with red beans,[1]vegetables (bell pepper, onion, and celery), spices (thyme, cayenne pepper, and bay leaf) and pork bones as left over from Sunday… Continue reading Why Red Beans on Monday?

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Is it Creole or Cajun ?

Okay - some one just asked about Creole vrses Cajun Food ?  Simple explanation Creole is City Food ( think Classic French food from New Orleans) restaurants like Emeril's, Antoine's - family owned since 1840 , Galatoire's which opened in 1905 Take a look at Galatoire's  menu here galatoires website Cajun Food is from the… Continue reading Is it Creole or Cajun ?

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My Mom’s Favorite things

Today is Friday ! Some of my Mom favorite things begin with the letter F- Family  - Yesterday  our family had a special day. My Mom great grandson came to visit. It was nice to Welcome the next generation to the family home. It;s been a long time since we had a new baby -my… Continue reading My Mom’s Favorite things