Red Envelopes Basics :

When I meet my husband family I was introduced too a new custom during holidays. Lai see -small read envelopes filled with money. My husband refers to the money as mad money or fun money to spin on frivolous stuff. If you haven’t bought your red envelope yet for Chinese New Year -Read on :

Red envelopes or hongbao in Mandarin and lai see in Cantonese are small red and gold packets containing money given to children, family members, friends and employees as a symbol of good luck. In Chinese culture, the color red is associated with energy, happiness and good luck .
  There are lots of different traditions, but in general, married couples give them to unmarried relatives, friends or colleagues.

Etiquette :

As you give and receive red envelopes, don’t forget these basic etiquette tips: Choose new bills, don’t ever include coins and wait to open your red envelopes until after you part company. Amounts in even numbers are generally preferred, except for the number 4 because of its resemblance to the word meaning death. And, optional, but denominations including 8s (rhyming with the word for good luck) and 9s (for longevity) carry especially positive symbolic meanings. ..

Red Envelopes templates :

Usually I buy them at the Asian market – but if not you can easily make them yourself with Red paper and decorations .

Holiday Printable s :

Saturday Scrapbook Layout : Winter Snow

Happy Saturday ! And today I am sharing my Winter layout that I was Inspired from from last Saturday Layout Challenge – Please feel free too post your page s at

Lisa K Challenge Group : for all types of challenges and inspiration ! Join Now!

Saturdays Layout : January Snow

My story:

Scrapbooking is all about sharing memories and stories. There’s not right way or wrong but sometimes a layout is a great starting place. This layout and colors inspired me to create this fun Winter page highlighting my son enjoying his first Snow fall when we lived in Michigan. All bundled up in his blue snowsuit =him and Dad enjoyed some play time. The paper I used was inspired by the color board and part of a Kit called Wintery by Authentique.

My color board for January :

February Layout coming 2/2 : Love is in the Air!!!

ATC cards * Monday crafts

Happy Afternoon!

Sharing a few ATC cards made celebrating the season.

ATC are small works of art the size of baseball cards . Made with mix medium.

Constitution Day * History Lap Book

As many of you know I was a home schooler/ virtual schooler for many years. My son has now graduated and on to college. But when  he was in younger grades  he loved learning with small Lap books to go with  what he was studding.  Today’s subject is History.  Lisa


Constitution Day  was yesterday . I made this quick little book to share. 

  1. Made with 2 sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.
  2. Cut into to (2) 6 x  12 sheets
  3. Folded & stacked together . Trim
  4. Hole punched in side with Ribbon thread for binding
  5. Cut outs from Free printable


Have fun Learning !!  Lisa 












Creative Cards with Lisa

Part of my Creative Day is Paper crafts  : I enjoy making cards, gifts, and Scrapbook pages with paper  products. i find inspirations for my products in everyday things.  Lisa 

Today’s cards are inspired by a quilt block. a  strong women and a new baby.  


#1 Card :

Is based on the Star quilt pattern from today’s Merry & Bright quilt along. So if you are not a quilter – Create a card.


#2 Card

She is clothed in Strength- Perfect card for my Mom’s birthday. Shes everthing that this verse quotes.




#3  Card

This verse is perfect for a new birth in the family. I am planning to embroidery  this verse into a baby quilt I am making for our new family member.



Wine Bottle Gift Tags*

Today I am exploring – Wine. 

Which makes the perfect  hostess gift for the up coming holidays

For the wall season or Thanksgiving – how about a bottle of red wine and a bottle gift tag . Made with scrap booking papers ,stickers ans stamps. 

  • Cut paper 3 X 8 (Tag)
  • fold down top 2 inch and cut circle to fit over bottle neck.
  • Decorate with stickers & stamps


This Tag for the white wine – perfect for birthday , Mother’s day  and housewarming . But these can be made for any occasion . 



Books for Kids * Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is about Family & sharing ! So here some great books to share with your kids-Lisa



book link

It’s the Chinese Year of the Dog, and as Pacy celebrates with her family, she finds out that this is the year she is supposed to “find herself.” Universal themes of friendship, family, and finding one’s passion in life make this novel appealing to readers of all backgrounds. This funny and profound book is a wonderful debut novel by a prolific picture book author and illustrator and has all the makings of a classic.


book link

Celebrated every year starting in January or February, the Chinese New Year is a happy, fun festival that children will love learning all about. This joyful little book is jam-packed with puzzles and activities to complete, more than 50 stickers to use, and festive decorations to make. Kids will also find oodles of doodles, a charming storybook, super stencils, quizzes and puzzles, and lots more to keep them entertained while they discover many exciting things about this fascinating celebration.

Need some free printable s for the kids : Chinese New Year

Altered to Death




book link

Looking for a craft cozy so memorable you’ll stay up late scrapping about it? Well, welcome to the town of Eden.

Faith Hunter, who is supposed to be planning her wedding, instead finds herself distracted by the town scrapbook she was commissioned to create. Eden’s oldest mystery, the founding family’s exodus nearly a hundred years ago, remains unsolved.

A search through the family’s abandoned mansion leads to the uncovering of bones on that very property. And then ex-boyfriend Steve Davis announces a surprise heir has staked a claim.

How can Faith not be distracted? Now she’s determined to dig up the truth left behind.

Because scrappers are multi-taskers extraordinaire, Faith can’t say no when family friend Wyatt Buford asks her to look into his deadbeat father’s disappearing act and his connection to the murder.

Her quest for answers unearths secrets past and present that some would prefer stay buried at any cost. Faith’s resolve to present the facts and nothing but about Eden’s history could lead to her own future being cut short.

See what I mean about memorable? Delve in to Eden and you’ll find a cozy you won’t soon forget.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

ALTERED TO DEATH by Christina Freeburn | A Henery Press Mystery

Scrapbook Organization

Happy Wednesday !  At Home today and thinking ahead- 

And looking at the Ca lender its already Jan 24th, How have your new year been ? I am working on one of my Goals for 2018 – To try & plan better – organize my life. One of my major battles is my crafts room. I downloaded this book to get me started on my path. Has some great idea to get started with.

Is your scrap space- Net & Tidy  and you clean up after you finished ? Or Do you leave it -and go back to finish you project & clean up later? 

So what kind of scrapper are you? 

Do you have a room or Table? Do you scrap alone?

What tool or supplies are always in a mes  ?

What kind of storage system to you use ? any thrifty solution? 

What do you do with supplies you no longer need? 


I am all over the place – I have a room but actually like to use the dining room table. My stamps & accessories are always a mess because I use them most. I buy lots storage baskets from the Dollar Store -and old racks in my room. And I donate my unwanted supplies -kids love all the paper & stickers. I also joined a Stash bashing group to use up some of my old supplies.   Lisa 





book link


Is clutter getting in the way of your scrapbooking? Are you frustrated with too much scrapbooking stuff?

Learn how to stay organized, for good, with scrapbooking productivity expert Jennifer S. Wilson. As editor of Simple Scrapper, Jennifer has educated thousands of busy scrapbookers on stress-free approaches for documenting your personal memories.

This book offers twenty-nine approaches to help you keep calm and get organized. The lessons have been designed to guide you to successfully implement new organizational techniques and systems for your scrapbooking and your life.

What this is not is a book of glossy photos of perfect scrapbooking spaces. This book will share the very best good-enough approaches for real scrapbookers (digital and traditional) and their real lives.

The ideas presented vary in technique, to help you test new options and figure out what works best in your lifestyle. These solutions will assist you in cultivating simplicity in your life and your memory keeping practice. It is through choosing practical over perfect and easier over better that you can get and stay organized for the long term.

Accordion Album * For a Snow Day Project

Today’s Featured Project is a Folded Album : These quick and easy album can be made with any types of paper -for any occasion.

  • Special day
  • Baby shower
  • Weddings
  • Father/Mothers Day
  • Valentine Day

Okay so this album is made from 10 pieces of fairly heavy scrapbook paper -Cut into an 8 X 6 pieces, . 2 will be the cover & 8 make the inside pages. Each folded at the 11/2 in . measurement from the edge which will make the binding of the album. When folded and glued together. With a ribbon closure .

Need some more idea’s Pinterest


Binder Piece : The length depends on how many pages (page width X the number of pages ) you want for the album.Then make a fold at 1 1/2 all the way down. This is what the pages glue to .



Great place to feature a great selection of picture to give as a gift. Valentines coming up – I need to make one for Grandma- Will post a picture with an update. Lisa