Snow Day #2 in South Louisiana

Snow Day #2 in South Louisiana

Snow Day #2 in South Louisiana ! Yes we still have snow covering everything and another school & road closure. If you are not from the deep south that doesnt sound too unusual. We lived many years in Michigan - my son was born there and went to school there. Buses & everyday life would [...]

Saturday Morning News & Highlights

Hi ! Friends thanks for coming bye & having coffee . So let"s chat about  what's been happening this week :Another busy week here in Louisiana -Mom is in the hospital (during better),Schools getting ready for fall break , A college tour for my son & planning Thanksgiving dinner . Hope your week was great [...]

Experience Louisiana Festival

  Festival info Oct 28/29 th 2017 Mission statement- To promote the MUSIC, FOOD, ART, CULTURE, and PEOPLE of the great State of Louisiana, showcasing them through a dynamic and interactive festival experience. The festival mission is to celebrate, share and document the rich variety of cultures within the State of Louisiana, providing guests with [...]