Welcome to Louisiana * Week in Review

Welcome to Friday !   Its been a busy week around here and looking forward to the Weekend.   


We started back to school in Louisiana –  Our On line school (LAVCA) is in full swing. I have been very busy with our School’s Face book group (300 parents many new) Trying to take care of question and re assuring parents that they can do this. I will be the first to say that this is very different from regular public school and has a large learning curve for first time parents. But they are not alone – and we are there to help. Between my self ,my expert ( my high school son) and other veteran parents we are taking care of all the problems we can . One click- One message at a time. Lisa

* Read more on my Monday – Bell Ringer Post. 

I hope my call -to Leave a Comment – has made you give a thought to leave a comment and a smile on fellows bloggers site.Join with me with 5 comments a day to make someones day.

Hope you found some fun teachers item to share with others on  My Craft Table and look forward to sharing more fun projects with you my fellow craft fans.

Food Finds – Hamburgers & Judice Inn a long time classic in Lafayette,La. Serving Burger since 1947.

Whats happening this Weekend Here?

Lafayette has two great farmers markets filled with locally sourced products.

If you are in Lafayette Area- this weekend –

Town planner    Has a list of things to do   


Your first place to Look if your are Planning a Trip to Louisiana .

Louisiana Travel    Things to do in Louisiana

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