National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day * cards and crafts

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day !

Make sure you drop bye and say Thank You for all they do. In my town Sheriff Moreaux and his officers always happy to lend a hand at community event and keep our town safe on a daily basics . My group of kids made cards to Thank Them for all they do.

Helping Out with Community events in Melville 

Thank You card for our town Sheriff and officers:

My Card using digital stamp from Crafting desert diva

Free Printable to share with your kids:

Monday * My Small Town

Happy Monday ! Today I am posting about my small town in today post. I live in South Louisiana -beside the river in a small town less than 2000 people named Melville . In the last year my husband took a job with our local government. He went from working 60 plus hours in retail management with an hour drive-too walking to work in a regular office working 8-4 and holidays off. Hes finally using that Economics degree he has to help our community to progress to the modern age. Lisa

Part of the fun we had this weekend for the New Year is planning,set up and clean up of the Swearing in Ceremony of the new council and Mayor. So Mom did the party layout,planning ,invitations and decorating and Dad and son was the muscles to move table and chairs.

You are invited to the celebration:

  • At the: Civic Center ( old high school gym)
  • When : Friday night 6pm
  • Swearing in ceremony of town officials and refreshments will be served.

Set Up for Ceremony :

Our Civic center in a large old high school gym . That is rented out for special events and parties.

Oath of Office for Melville officials :

Tables ,chairs and food for all. Red,blue and white was the colors for the party.

Video of Ceremony :

National Parents as Teachers Day


We all teach our children different things in life.  But I had the honor to Virtual  School (on line public school ) my son for 6 years.  Yes it was a big  family decision  but for our family it worked. He graduated and Now a college freshman doing great. But I still help out other parents with advice and lessons locally and online. 

I just wanted to say  Good Job! On the job you are doing – Lisa 




World Card Making Day 2018


Today we celebrate a Special Day : National Card Making Day!

Let’s start the fun with some cute Halloween cards – check back I will be adding more Cards all day long . Lisa

Brentwood Owl from Jessica Lynn originals. Halloween card.



Today lots of companies are having special coupons and Sales to celebrate :

Crafty Sales Sales list

Deal at Coupon & Deals

****Have you checked out Lisa K Scrap Challenge Event Link

Mid Autumn Moon Festival Celebration *

Happy  Mid –  Autumn Moon Festival     ! 

Today’s Lap book  is celebrating a family holiday. The Mid Autumn Moon festivals  celebrating the moon and harvest season. My husband is American Born Chinese (ABC) and enjoys sharing the holiday with friends and family. He usually cooks and I decorate and makes these small books for the kids to explain the holiday and give them some to do.  Enjoy this holiday with us :

        Lap book /Activities  Book : 

  • The book is made with Red scrapbook paper – Cut  5 by 7 pieces.
  • I used free graphics from P interest   and activities. Printed out and glued on the pages.
  • And punched wholes on the side and strung with read/ gold  cord.

Red represents fire and is the most popular color in China. It is also the national color representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune. Red is famously popular in relation to anything Chinese and is widely used during festivals and important events like weddings.









In general, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a chance for families to spend time together, although there are certain traditions.

One of the most common ways to celebrate is by eating mooncakes (or Bánh Trung Thu in Vietnamese) – a dense, sweet pastry that’s baked or steamed and typically enjoyed with tea.

Most are filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolk while others contain red bean or date paste, as well as fruit, nuts and seeds. People will also give mooncakes to family members and colleagues. Most Asian markets sell them  – So buy and Share.   Lisa

SEC Tailgating Cookbook

It’s Official  – the tailgating season is here !!! And SEC  does it the best ( yes we are SEC family) Enjoy – Lisa 



book link

All-new recipes and top tips for tailgating like a champion.

This all-new version of the original bestselling tailgating book from Southern Living gives readers more than 100 all-new recipes to enjoy such as Rammer Jammer Coffee Punch, Smoked War Eagle Wings with White Sauce, Mississippi Mud Trifle, and Fried Catfish Fingers with Comeback Sauce. As in the original book, each SEC school is profiled with custom menus, photos, facts, and trivia, but with special focus on iconic sports figures and traditions. In addition to crucial tailgating tips for starting the grill, keeping food safe outdoors and humorous Southern tailgating rules, a brand new section in The All-New Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook includes decorating tips with photos for transforming your tailgate presentation into school-specific tablescapes.

9/11 Children Books

Today ‘s Tuesday Book post is in Remembrance of 9/11 . How to Discuss & Teach children about it . In book & activities.  Lisa



Book Buy Link

The word was in shock when America was attacked in September 11, 2001. Lives were lost and properties were damaged. You weren’t yet born in 2001 so you probably have only heard of 9/11 on TV. This book will give you all the facts, written in a way that fifth graders would find interesting. What are your thoughts about 9/11?



Book Buy Link

This 32 page children’s book, with 25 child-friendly photos, is an ideal introduction to the facts and themes surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. This is the true story of “Sirius,” the police patrol dog who died in the Twin Towers on 9-11-01. The story is told by “Sirius” in his own words, and also recounts his friendship with his police officer partner, David, who survived the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. This book has been used in New Jersey’s state-wide 9/11 Education curriculum since 2009 for grades 3-8, as well as in other elementary schools and middle schools across America. “Sirius, The Hero Dog of 9/11” is not only the inspiring story of a dog and his police officer partner, it is also the true story of tragedy, triumph and courage on the darkest day in America’s history. The author, Hank Fellows, was an eyewitness to the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the Twin Towers. The two songs that Hank wrote shortly after 9/11, “The Spirit of America” and “Halfway to Heaven,” have been performed by children and adults across America. These songs also have been performed at 9-11 ceremonies in New York City since 2003, as well as at ceremonies in Shanksville, PA (near the Flight 93 Memorial), and in Arlington, VA (to honor the firefighters who rescued Pentagon victims). Hank has presented programs about 9/11, and performed his songs across America. On September 10, 2006, Hank Fellows received a Citation from the New York City Council for his “continued generosity and devotion to the remembrance of September11th.” On March 8, 2007, Hank Fellows was honored by the 9/11 Memorial Committee of Jersey City for his “commitment and dedication to our Community.” Please visit Hank’s website

Friday Forecast * Merry & Bright

Happy Friday !



Family News:

Today we are getting ready for a big Back to School bash here in town. The town has  been collecting  back to school supplies to hand out to kids.

With the supply list now so large -everyone needs help. We are setting up a spot to hand out supplies and will be volunteering tonight to help.


On the Home Front* 


I am working on my block for :  Merry & Bright Quilt Block  by Pat Sloan

Are you playing along with me. I  am using Christmas material that I already had to make my blocks for this challenge.  These blocks finish to a 9 inch block  and 17 total blocks to make this quilt. 

Not wanting to do all 17 blocks  *    You could make two  and turn them into a pillow or  4  for a table runner  with some extra fabric . Have fun with this challenge.


Block #1     House Block #1


Block #2 Wreath Block #2



July 1st * National Postal Worker Day

Happy July  1st !!

The Summer is truly here with temperatures in the 90″s. Hope you having  a great Summer – we are busy getting our Son ready for his first year of college.


Did You know that July 1st is National Postal Worker Day ?


National Postal Worker Day is observed annually on July 1st.  This is a day to appreciate and thank the numerous men and women who work consistently and diligently deliver all of our mail and packages.  These employees suffer some of the harshest working conditions, yet continue to persevere six days a week.



It;s also National US Postage Stamp Day : 

National U.S. Postage Stamp Day recognizes the ease and simplicity with which we can send and receive mail.  A stamp represents payment for the delivery of a letter or a package.

A stamp represents payment for the delivery of a letter or a package. The first postage stamp in the United States was issued on July 1, 1847. At that time, stamps were not required.  A letter could be mailed without a stamp and delivery paid for by the recipient.  In 1855, the postage stamp became mandatory.

Philately is the study of stamps and postal history.  Stamps often have a fascinating history.  Everything from the inspiration and the artist to the postal rate in a given year affects the value of a stamp.  Collectors look at quality and rarity as well.  When we consider how few letters are mailed in this technological era, modern stamps may be the most collectible stamp of the future.

Design Your Own : 



Murder Past Due *

I am Celebrating Volunteering Today : with a book about Libraries & Pets  Two great subject that this family in involved with. 


Saturday Check out my post at Scissor, Paper & Stamps – for the Love your Pet  Hop with Jessica Lynn Original Stamps  & shop now for great stamps Shop





book link

Everyone in Athena, Mississippi, knows Charlie Harris, the good-natured librarian with a rescued Maine coon cat named Diesel that he walks on a leash.  He’s returned to his hometown to immerse himself in books, but soon enough he’s entangled in a real-life thriller…

A famous author of gory bestsellers and a former classmate of Charlie’s, Godfrey Priest may be the pride of Athena, but Charlie remembers him as an arrogant, manipulative jerk—and he’s not the only one. Godfrey’s homecoming as a distinguished alumnus couldn’t possibly go worse: by lunch, he’s put a man in the hospital. By dinner, Godfrey’s dead.

Now it’s up to Charlie, with some help from Diesel, to paw through the town’s grudges and find the killer before an impatient deputy throws the book at the wrong person. But every last one of Charlie’s friends and co-workers had a score to settle with the nasty novelist. As if the murder wasn’t already purr-plexing enough…

Editorial Reviews


Praise for the New York Times bestselling Cat in the Stacks Mysteries

“Courtly librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel, are an endearing detective duo. Warm, charming, and Southern as the tastiest grits.”—Carolyn Hart, New York Times bestselling author of the Death on Demand Mysteries

“Combines a kindhearted librarian hero, family secrets in a sleepy Southern town, and a gentle giant of a cat that will steal your heart.”—Lorna Barrett, New York Times bestselling author of the Booktown Mysteries

“Ideal for Christie fans who enjoy a good puzzle.”—Library Journal

“[A] pleasing blend of crime and charm.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“James just keeps getting better and better…It’s an intelligent read, so well-written that I couldn’t stop reading it. Every single time I turned out my light for the night, I found myself thinking about the story, flipping the light switch again and reading just ‘one more chapter.’”—

About the Author

Miranda James is the New York Times bestselling author of the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries and the Southern Ladies Mysteries.