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Bell Ringer – 2017 Eclipse

Today’s – Bell Ringer

The 2017  Eclipse  – One of the nice things about schooling at home that when something big happens you can make a Lesson  and a Celebration at home  as it happens. Education can be fun and if you haven’t made any plans for today here’s some tips and sites to get you started on your 2017 Eclipse Celebration –  * Remember -Be safe – take precautions or like millions watch it on the WEB.    Lisa

The Great American Solar Eclipse is almost upon us and if you’re planning to see it, timing is everything. From start to finish, the entire solar eclipse of Aug. 21 runs about four hours, but exactly what you can see and when depends on where you are. The eclipse begins on the West Coast at 9:05 a.m. PDT (12:05 p.m. EDT/1605 GMT) and ends on the East Coast at 4:09 p.m. EDT (2009 GMT). You can watch the entire solar eclipse on Space.com, courtesy of NASA.


You can watch the Live Stream –   Nasa Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere – the corona – can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun’s disk. NASA created this website to provide a guide to this amazing event. Here you will find activities, events, broadcasts, and resources from NASA and our partners across the nation.

What is It?

This celestial event is a solar eclipse in which the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the sun for up to about three hours, from beginning to end, as viewed from a given location.  For this eclipse, the longest period when the moon completely blocks the sun from any given location along the path will be about two minutes and 40 seconds.  The last time the contiguous U.S. saw a total eclipse was in 1979.


Who Can See It?

Lots of people! Everyone in the contiguous United States, in fact, everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will see at least a partial solar eclipse, while the thin path of totality will pass through portions of 14 states.


Happy Friday !

Happy Friday  !


This week on the Blog-

  1.  Another week of school complete here and everyone is settling in for the semester.

My son is reading  Beowulf for British lit. the joy of classic literature

2 Thanks to Everyone -who joined me for my Good Reads ramble. it was en lighting.

3 My Craft Table -was filled with quick and easy homemade gifts ( more coming Soon)

4 Thursday -was the Joy of planning school Lunch.

  • Want to read more check out my post.  Lisa

Friday 8/18   Plans – 


I am making French Toast for Brunch. Our favorite meal around here.

I am working on some cards for Card Challenges.


This weekend in  Louisiana ! 



Delcambre Shrimp Festival

August 18th, 2017 – August 20th, 2017
Delcambre Shrimp Festival Grounds
401 Richard St.,
Delcambre, LA 70528
If you cant be there cook some shrimp in honor of these hard working shrimpers.  Lisa


Solar Eclipse Plans for Monday –

And Solar Eclipse on Monday Nasa

Here a Map from NASA-   https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-who-what-where-when-and-how


Happy National Arcadian Day



Arcadian Memorial Events – Events for Today

Celebrated in Louisiana – Arcadian Festival

It’s a pretty special day here in Acadiana (who are we kidding. Every day is special around here). How do you plan on celebrating “National Acadian Day”?

Lafayette Travel



National Acadian Day celebrates the origin, unique history and vibrant culture of the Acadian people of Canada. In 1605, France established the first permanent settlement in North America, located in Port Royal, Nova Scotia. As a result of the Great Upheaval from 1755 to 1763, many thousands of Acadians were forced to leave their homes and relocate elsewhere. Although many eventually returned to the Acadian region, others never returned home.

Another century passed and in 1867, Canada became a nation. Shortly there after in 1881, the first Acadian Convention declared August 15 as National Acadian Day however it would not be until 2003 that the holiday is officially proclaimed as a national observance by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Saturday – Celebrating Vinyl Record Day

Happy August 12th – And Today i am celebrating! 



August 12th



In Honor of National Vinyl Record day!   



I am celebrating one of the top selling albums of August. And Yes its a favorite and Yes I might still have a copy. And Yes – i am  that old. (LOL)

Actually my Mom was the big vinyl fan -she had a ton and was a Big Elvis Fan in the day. And No i am not named after her – i am named after a soap opera character.

Let’s Celebrate this day by enjoying some music – if it be vinyl or on the computer in honor of the holiday.  And Yes – I will be playing Rumors!




Need to Buy some -The Vinyl Store @ Barnes& Nobles Buy Vinyl Records


 Favorite Music?  What do you listen to it on? Do you own vinyl?


Welcome to Louisiana * Week in Review

Welcome to Friday !   Its been a busy week around here and looking forward to the Weekend.   


We started back to school in Louisiana –  Our On line school (LAVCA) is in full swing. I have been very busy with our School’s Face book group (300 parents many new) Trying to take care of question and re assuring parents that they can do this. I will be the first to say that this is very different from regular public school and has a large learning curve for first time parents. But they are not alone – and we are there to help. Between my self ,my expert ( my high school son) and other veteran parents we are taking care of all the problems we can . One click- One message at a time. Lisa

* Read more on my Monday – Bell Ringer Post. 

I hope my call -to Leave a Comment – has made you give a thought to leave a comment and a smile on fellows bloggers site.Join with me with 5 comments a day to make someones day.

Hope you found some fun teachers item to share with others on  My Craft Table and look forward to sharing more fun projects with you my fellow craft fans.

Food Finds – Hamburgers & Judice Inn a long time classic in Lafayette,La. Serving Burger since 1947.

Whats happening this Weekend Here?

Lafayette has two great farmers markets filled with locally sourced products.

If you are in Lafayette Area- this weekend –

Town planner    Has a list of things to do   


Your first place to Look if your are Planning a Trip to Louisiana .

Louisiana Travel    Things to do in Louisiana

Friday in Louisiana

Take advantage this weekend of Louisiana Tax Free week end for Back to School Shopping= It’s the Last weekend before school starts here. Lisa





In Lafayette this week end –Town planner

Farmers market goes on every weekend  . Special events,and family fun.


And in Cameron, Louisiana its-

Cameron Fishing Festival Time: Fri. Noon – Midnight, Sat. 9 – Midnight, Sun. Noon – 5 p.m. Sponsored by Cameron Lions Club. Always the first full weekend in August, on Friday and Saturday. Saltwater fishing rodeo, live music venues, good local food, children’s activities, Queen’s contest. Staged at end of Davis Road at the Cameron Jetty Pier Pavilion.

Need to Cool Off after all this fun and enjoy your weekend!

A Great Treat & Easy to make –

Make Some freezer cups – Can be simple as Kool Aid frozen in small cups (you can add Popsicle sticks ) if you like. Freeze till done.

Healthy choice- You can blend fresh fruit ( watermelon -seeded/cut) put thru a blender with a simple syrup ( cooked water/Sugar) and Place in cups and Frozen.



Christmas in July * Snowflakes

Today’s the Last Friday in July. And our Last Christmas in July Special Post.

I’am playing with Snowflakes today – we lived many years in Michigan and enjoy the snowy season but in Louisiana you are lucky to catch a few flakes.


These Cute Chalkboard Snowflakes I bought at Target last year –


I decorated these with glitter,sparkly gel pens – Sorry you might be able to see this in the picture. You can also purchase a couple of packs and string them together for a banner.





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