Murder Past Due *

I am Celebrating Volunteering Today : with a book about Libraries & Pets  Two great subject that this family in involved with.  Saturday Check out my post at Scissor, Paper & Stamps - for the Love your Pet  Hop with Jessica Lynn Original Stamps  & shop now for great stamps Shop     FIRST IN THE NEW... Continue Reading →

Spring Break

Hello Tuesday ! We are on Spring Break for the week here from school but that doesn't mean the learning stops. We are working on some project due later this month. Do you school year round? Would you want too? Let me know your thoughts?

March 7 * National Cereal Day

Today we celebrate : National Cereal Day!!  Do you Eat cereal ? Favorite type? Short History: In 1863, James Caleb Jackson, a religiously conservative vegetarian who ran a medical sanitarium in western New York, created a breakfast cereal from graham flour dough that was dried and broken into shapes so hard they needed to be... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Monday *

Welcome Monday ! After a week break we are back in school . And looks like another warm & sunny day maybe I will get some work done outside. Spring is coming soon. Hope - You are enjoying my Chinese New Year post. And many may wonder what a person from South Louisiana knows about... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras 2018

Happy Mardi Gras! Today is the biggest Part in Louisiana-But did you know ? In Louisiana it's a State Holiday & School is closed . Economic Impact: A new study on the economic value of the 2014 Mardi Gras season showed a total contribution to the New Orleans economy of $465 million, with a total... Continue Reading →

Let the Parade Begins

Happy Saturday ! It's a big Parade Day here but it's raining . So be safe out there as I share some pictures -#YouknowyouareatMardiGras So You know it's parade time when the porta potties & barricade are out on the streets. Drive safe & obey traffic signs & detours.   Lafayette Children Parade :  

Friday Author : AL Vincent

Welcome to the Last Friday before Mardi Gras which is Tuesday ! Hope you have enjoyed our parade of books,food & Fun! Stay safe and Have fun -and as they say in Louisiana -" Let the Good Time Roll". Lisa Today feature Author is AL Vincent : A.L. Vincent is a teacher/writer who lives in... Continue Reading →

Wednesday News & Updates *

Hi Everyone ! Have you downloaded my January Newsletter yet? Great tips & recipes from Louisiana. Look for more information at Lagniappe. Newsletter for January     I have a couple of things I need feed back from - I want to do a Bunny Hop ( Blog Hop) for Easter - if anyone is... Continue Reading →

End of January * Today’s post

Today is the last day of January. It's flown bye so quickly the New Year can in with rain & snow in South Louisiana so I am sure we are heading to a warmer summer. Hopefully February will be more normal because as my home page stated we are busy at my house. Mardi Gras... Continue Reading →

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