Monday * My Small Town

Happy Monday ! Today I am posting about my small town in today post. I live in South Louisiana -beside the river in a small town less than 2000 people named Melville . In the last year my husband took a job with our local government. He went from working 60 plus hours in retail management with an hour drive-too walking to work in a regular office working 8-4 and holidays off. Hes finally using that Economics degree he has to help our community to progress to the modern age. Lisa

Part of the fun we had this weekend for the New Year is planning,set up and clean up of the Swearing in Ceremony of the new council and Mayor. So Mom did the party layout,planning ,invitations and decorating and Dad and son was the muscles to move table and chairs.

You are invited to the celebration:

  • At the: Civic Center ( old high school gym)
  • When : Friday night 6pm
  • Swearing in ceremony of town officials and refreshments will be served.

Set Up for Ceremony :

Our Civic center in a large old high school gym . That is rented out for special events and parties.

Oath of Office for Melville officials :

Tables ,chairs and food for all. Red,blue and white was the colors for the party.

Video of Ceremony :

December planner and Ugly Sweater party plans.

My December planner is filled with fun stickers,clip art and stamps. With all the important dates highlighted, We have a busy December with 3 birthday, Parties and Community events.  On e of the fun things we are planning is an Ugly Sweater family Party! Do you have that sweater that was a  gift but never wore or did you buy it and change your mind. Here’s your excuse to wear it . And have fun !   Lisa 

It’s time to get your ugly sweater out ! It’s an Ugly Sweater Party : 

Sugar Cookies :

Here’s a Fun tag book to make : 

  • (2 )  6 by 6  sheets ( front & back cover)
  • (1) 6 by 6 sheet folded for book  binder & too hold the tags in. 
  • (6 ) tags inside : with pictures,stickers, and journaling. Made with coordinating Christmas paper. 

The front is made with a paper pierced ugly sweater. And decorated. The paper used is the scraps from making the tags. 

Need idea’s about Ugly Sweater Contest -Check out my tags.

  • Prizes for : funniest
  • original (one of a kind) 
  • Ugliest 

Small town Christmas Celebration

This weekend our small town came alive : with Christmas lights and music. The Christmas parade rolled at 6 oclock ,with lighting of  the town Christmas tree ,Music by the local church choir and family fun afterwords. Enjoy my small town celebration with me and a batch of Hot Chocolate  for a crowd.  Lisa 

Hot Chocolate in a Crock pot recipe :

  • 1.5 cups heavy whipping cream
    1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
    6 cups milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    2 cups of milk chocolate chips (can also use half semi-sweet)

Stir together ingredients and place in crockpot. Cook on Low for 2 hours stirring as needed to melt the chips. (This can be doubled for a large crowd) 

November Pink Planner *It’s all about the Food

November Pink Planner pages is dedicated to  food. I think November – thanksgiving , Apple pie , Birthday cake (Mom & Me)  and more. 

Our family gather together at Thanksgiving 100 plus and we all bring a favorite Dish to go with the meat . We start planning the menu early – so  I count on the planner to remember – whats going on. Want more information & family recipes – Check out Thursday  : At My Table post.  Lisa 

Food is the ingredient that Binds us together . Today’s Quote 



  • My quote when up top.
  • Then my strip planner stickers I had.
  • Then an assortment of Food stickers with quotes,sayings  & labels
  • Markers I wrote important days – Black Friday, Birthdays & Food Holidays.





Mid Autumn Moon Festival Celebration *

Happy  Mid –  Autumn Moon Festival     ! 

Today’s Lap book  is celebrating a family holiday. The Mid Autumn Moon festivals  celebrating the moon and harvest season. My husband is American Born Chinese (ABC) and enjoys sharing the holiday with friends and family. He usually cooks and I decorate and makes these small books for the kids to explain the holiday and give them some to do.  Enjoy this holiday with us :

        Lap book /Activities  Book : 

  • The book is made with Red scrapbook paper – Cut  5 by 7 pieces.
  • I used free graphics from P interest   and activities. Printed out and glued on the pages.
  • And punched wholes on the side and strung with read/ gold  cord.

Red represents fire and is the most popular color in China. It is also the national color representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune. Red is famously popular in relation to anything Chinese and is widely used during festivals and important events like weddings.









In general, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a chance for families to spend time together, although there are certain traditions.

One of the most common ways to celebrate is by eating mooncakes (or Bánh Trung Thu in Vietnamese) – a dense, sweet pastry that’s baked or steamed and typically enjoyed with tea.

Most are filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolk while others contain red bean or date paste, as well as fruit, nuts and seeds. People will also give mooncakes to family members and colleagues. Most Asian markets sell them  – So buy and Share.   Lisa

Cousin Day

Happy Cousins Day !!! 

I come from a fairly small family but my Dad was one of 12. So I have a lot of cousins. A few years ago all the female cousins decided to get together and celebrate Cousins & family on our own. It held once a year at someone home ( it changes every year) with lots of food and drinks.  This year it was my sister  turn and since she lives in  Houston ,Texas she had the party  with a Mexican theme . It was a wonderful time for all.  It’s always a special time when we can get together and catch up with everyone.  Lisa





Wedding Cakes * Croquembouche

Happy Friday !

This month we are celebrating all things Summer  & June Wedding. Today National Eclair Day . Just might just be one of my favorite days . And you might ask what does that have to do with weddings . It all about the cake -The same dough you make eclair from makes Cream Puffs used in these french wedding cakes that keep popping up.  Lisa



History of the Croquembouche
Croquembouche is a French dessert made by stacking cream puffs in a conical shape and cementing them together with a toffee. The dessert is typically ornamented with sugared almonds, or other ingredients, and it is designed to be displayed as the centerpiece of a table. This dessert has been used at French weddings, christening and celebrations for centuries, and it is served outside of France to add a French flair to an evening’s events.

So I want bore you with the recipe because its out there on the web but If you are planning an event this is a striking choice.  But I will leave you with a cookbook from the  The Great British Baking series – Viva La France !!!   Lisa 



book link

Over 30 baking and cake decorating projects for the latest hot trend in baking, straight from the patisseries of Paris – Eclairs!

Choux pastry is often thought of as difficult to make and perfect, but in fact it’s the easiest pastry you’ll ever make! It’s extremely rewarding watching the magic puff that happens inside the oven and it’s really easy if you follow the basic rules. Choux pastry is so versatile it can play host to a million different fillings, toppings, shapes and decorations and is equally delicious munched straight off the cooling rack!

This beginner-friendly book contains all the choux pastry and eclair recipes you need to get started, along with tasty filling combinations and colourful cake decorating ideas.

Bestselling author and former Great British Bake Off finalist Ruth Clemens will show you that you don’t have to be a classically trained French pastry chef to make delicious cream cakes for any occasion, including celebration bakes to share. These cake designs look great but are easy to follow and quick to make, with step-by-step advice on piping choux pastry and making sugar flowers and other embellishments to decorate your bakes. Discover how easy it is to make fresh eclairs at home, with simple recipes and techniques that you can recreate with ease. Then take your skills to the next level and create all sorts of other choux pastry shapes, including buns, hearts, towers and rings so you can make delicious desserts such as profiteroles, allumettes, choux cheesecake and more.So whether you fancy rustling up a batch of classic chocolate eclairs or attempting the construction a Croquembouche the size of the Eiffel Tower you’ll find all the tips tricks and recipes you’ll need right here.

Natchioches Meat Pies


Today’s Sunday  * April 8th and its National Emanada Day ! But Meat pies are big in lots of different cultures  in the world . They can be sweet or savory these hand pies are a big in Louisiana . The town of  Natchitoches la is famous for them & even a yearly festival.

It has a savory meat filling in a crescent-shaped, flaky wheat pastry turnover. It is similar to a Spanish picadillo beef empanada. Varieties are found throughout the colonies of the Spanish Empire. The Natchitoches meat pie is nearly identical to the traditional ground beef empanada of Argentina, Empanada de Carne.

The meat pie is found all throughout Louisiana, including southern Louisiana which tends to have a spicier version compared to its northern counterpart, but its origins are found to be from Northern Louisiana

Going to be in the area in September  festival home page



Need recipes : Screen-Shot-2016-04-19-at-7.36.46-AM-700x449.png

Check out Louisiana Cookin

Good Friday & Good times

Happy Good Friday !  Today ‘s post is all about a family tradition.

My family has a large annual Crawfish /Easter Egg hunt every Good Friday – This Easter we will be at the Thomasson Farm again with lots of family fun and Good food. Here some pictures from pass Good Friday -but check back for this Fridays pictures. Have a Blessed Day !    Lisa Thomasson Jung


More Fun – My You Tube Video Good Friday