Blog Tour Starts on May 1st*

Monday Morning  ! I am so excite it April 30th & tomorrow we will official start my  Discovery Blog Tour. Here's some Fun Facts - Its called Discovery ( If you are a WordPress user  - You know the Discovery butten to finds new sites ) Blog Tour - Well everyday I will  introduce you... Continue Reading →

May Graduation * Closing In

Happy Tuesday Everyone ! It's been a busy week in the Jung household as we near Graduation in May . Today I sat down and ordered Cap & Gowns and graduation announcements for my son.Yes- even though he goes to an online school they have an actual graduation ceremonies for all of the graduates &... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning * Update

Happy Monday !!! Its Wear Your Pa jams to work Day     Have fun if you are off to work . The Jung household is starting another week of school Getting close to the end .  This week - my son is taking a test for certification in Web design ( may be he can... Continue Reading →

Let’s Celebrate * Eraser Day

Happy Sunday Morning! Do you know that there's something special going on everyday on the calendar.  Today's special day is a great one dedicated to all  you that use an eraser - its Eraser Day! Discovered on this day in 1770 - an English man named Joseph Priestley officially discovered the erasing properties of Indian rubber... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Morning * Back to School

Tuesday Morning Post : As most know we school at home through a virtual charter school. And when use the local public school schedule which means we just finished Spring Break. Lots of kids headed out to the beach or vacation  but it was a stay at home break for us. But learning did not... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Coffee *

It's Monday Morning & Back to School ! Just another Manic Monday  @ The Jung Hope you had a great weekend & our outside plan got cancel . Because we  had a wet & gray weekend so looking forward to some sunshine. Time for my morning coffee :     Now coffee is a big... Continue Reading →

Lisa May Blog Tour * Calling all readers

    Hello! i am later than  usual  because we are out running errands for my parents.  Lots of driving is eating up my time.   But I wanted to let everyone know about  my - May Blog Discovery Tour  : sign up is up top or leave me a note & I will contact... Continue Reading →

Happy St Patrick Day *

Happy St. Patrick day ! St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year where everyone is a little bit Irish  In fact, almost 12 percent of Americans claim Irish ancestry and over 80 million people worldwide claim an ancestral connection to the auld sod.   I am :  Lucky Mc Stumpy !!! St. Patrick was... Continue Reading →

Another Monday in March *

It's another Monday Morning  In South Louisiana.And where has my Sun gone. Today's forecast - Cloudy & in the 40's . And spring is around the corner. In Today's post about Me - I had someone ask about my blog so here goes- Lisa Everyday Life :What is it? Is my daily journal of what's... Continue Reading →

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