Blog Tour Starts on May 1st*

Monday Morning  !

I am so excite it April 30th & tomorrow we will official start my  Discovery Blog Tour. Here’s some Fun Facts –


  • Its called Discovery ( If you are a WordPress user  – You know the Discovery butten to finds new sites )
  • Blog Tour – Well everyday I will  introduce you to a New Blog  here on Lisa Everyday Life & send you too a new site to visit & find out whats new.
  • The Blog Tour will introduce you too Book Blog, Craft Blogs & More . All tied with the theme May Holidays. Will run from May 1-12th.
  • My Hope is that you find a new batch of Blogs to follow & Have a good time Discovering whats out there on the world wide web.
  • If you think you would like to be part of the next Blog Tour – I will run one in October ( Celebrating  Autumn / Fall Holidays). Sign Ups in Aug will open.


See You Tomorrow to start the Tour –  Lisa 

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May Graduation * Closing In

Happy Tuesday Everyone !

It’s been a busy week in the Jung household as we near Graduation in May . Today I sat down and ordered Cap & Gowns and graduation announcements for my son.Yes- even though he goes to an online school they have an actual graduation ceremonies for all of the graduates & parents. It will be a nice experience to remember for all.

It will be strange to  have him away from home since hes been schooled at home for the last seven years. Hes room will be empty ? No probably not.  One of the biggest complaints I received from others about our school  of choice was would he be ready to graduate & would he be ready for college. To answer that question – he was more than ready  had great grades & ACT scores  which  got  him many acceptance offers for colleges. He did decide to stay closer to home for college so I am sure he will be home lots .Graduation is May 21 !  So look forward to lots of graduation post coming up in the future.   Lisa pexels-photo-267885.jpeg

Monday Morning * Update

Happy Monday !!! Its Wear Your Pa jams to work Day  


Have fun if you are off to work . The Jung household is starting another week of school Getting close to the end . 

This week – my son is taking a test for certification in Web design ( may be he can help Mom) before he goes off to college. He qualified because of his on line school classes.

Saturday –  Its State High School Raley Time  only one of five kids from his school who qualified to go on to testing at the state level. Scholarships are up for grab.

Also this week I am getting things ready for graduation- Cap gown & invitation ordered. And college paperwork taken care of. .

In Blog World – Update on May Blog Tour ( Thanks everyone who signed up) & If you missed this one I plan one for October . So keep a look out for more information – 

I am part of Jessica Lynn Original Stamp co- Pet Blog Tour starts  4/21   Shop Here 



What’s Your Week Like?      Lisa Jung 





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Let’s Celebrate * Eraser Day

Happy Sunday Morning!

Do you know that there’s something special going on everyday on the calendar.  Today’s special day is a great one dedicated to all  you that use an eraser – its Eraser Day!

Discovered on this day in 1770 –

an English man named Joseph Priestley officially discovered the erasing properties of Indian rubber – a vegetable gum from North America – and elementary math homework has never been the same.


So today let’s celebrate this great discovery that makes our life easier by knowing if we make a mistake we can just erase it.  As a Mom that schools at home this is always a must on the BTS shopping List :  Lisa 









Tuesday Morning * Back to School

Tuesday Morning Post :

As most know we school at home through a virtual charter school. And when use the local public school schedule which means we just finished Spring Break. Lots of kids headed out to the beach or vacation  but it was a stay at home break for us. But learning did not stop. He’s got two big test coming up – a web design certification ( so he can help Mom) through school & he made it to the state high school rally round.  Testing his knowledge in Environmental Science. As with traditional home school we can study & work on projects doing break. But we are off doing the summer. But I have always encouraged some  type of learning program during the summer even when he attend public school .Kids forget so much doing the summer and it prepares them for the next year . In elementary its math & reading. In high school its those & summer computer camp.



I know some of my followers /friends are teacher  : Your thoughts on the option to school year round with semester break  ? Good or Bad ? If I had  traditional home-schooled  I would have done it. Lisa

So today where back to class : Eng 4 is calling us -another paper to write !  Lisa

** Its National Li bray Workers Day ! So stop bye & Say Thank You!!!

Monday Morning Coffee *

It’s Monday Morning & Back to School ! Just another Manic Monday  @ The Jung

Hope you had a great weekend & our outside plan got cancel . Because we  had a wet & gray weekend so looking forward to some sunshine. Time for my morning coffee :




Now coffee is a big thing in Louisiana. We all love it and drink it even as kids with lots of cream & sugar. And some of us dont out grow that(Me). Put I still make it in the traditional way my grandmother made it in her old pot. So if you come to visit expect to be served coffee.



  • Dark roast coffee ( Community Coffee)
  • Drip coffee pot

For every cup of coffee -2 T of coffee . ( in the bottom grind basket). Boil water & pour in the top water basket. The water slowly drip through the whole to the coffee grinds , Then drips down the the bottom container. Slow & tasty.

Community Coffee is a local brand with a large local following you can purchase  from there shop @ Community Coffee Shop


Now if we are visiting family in New Orleans – the coffee strong  may have chicory & served with  hot milk. And served  in tiny cups. Lisa

*Still time to join my : May Discovery Blog Tour . Sign -Up closes Friday. More information on tab at the top or drop me a note.   Lisa

Lisa May Blog Tour * Calling all readers





i am later than  usual  because we are out running errands for my parents.  Lots of driving is eating up my time.



But I wanted to let everyone know about  my – May Blog Discovery Tour  : sign up is up top or leave me a note & I will contact you. If you have never done one its fun & easy .  Here’s a little info

  1. Dates – May 1 -12th
  2. Subject / Theme  May holidays  ( may release)
  3. Blogs Wanted – all kinds ( I have 3 more books,crafts & food)
  4. On May 1st – I will have an introduction post . With a schedule,  links & short bio.
  5. On your date – you will need to have you post schedule so everyone can   visit & discover your site. Let your new followers know about your site & what you feature on your site.
  • It’s a fun way to get new visitors to your site. If like me you have lots of different interest maybe that book follower is a foodie – that foodie is a crafter , That Mom is looking for a new hobbies  to explore. Lets have fun & share! with friends ! Lisa


Happy St Patrick Day *

Happy St. Patrick day !

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year where everyone is a little bit Irish  In fact, almost 12 percent of Americans claim Irish ancestry and over 80 million people worldwide claim an ancestral connection to the auld sod.



I am :  Lucky Mc Stumpy !!!

St. Patrick was not Irish

He was, in fact, from Wales.

The shamrock was originally a teaching tool

St. Patrick is said to have used the three leaf plant to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to the pagan Irish.

Wear blue on St. Patrick’s Day

For many years, blue was the color most often associated with St. Patrick. Green was considered unlucky. St. Patrick’s blue was considered symbolic of Ireland for many centuries and the Irish Presidential Standard is still blue.






Another Monday in March *

pexels-photo-414691.jpegIt’s another Monday Morning  In South Louisiana.And where has my Sun gone. Today’s forecast – Cloudy & in the 40’s . And spring is around the corner.

In Today’s post about Me – I had someone ask about my blog so here goes-

Lisa Everyday Life :What is it?

Is my daily journal of what’s going on in my life – my way of keeping track of what’s important to Me & Mine.

Why I Blog?

Why Not ? I am  just  a small town girl claiming her piece of the World Wide Web theirs plenty of space so join me in my  blog quest. . .

But the main reason it’s for myself -It me time  & Its fun to share whats I create with a whole new set of people.

Blog Subjects ?

Blog post :  I post about everyday things  & if know one reads my rambling (that’s fine) but those that follow along : Thank You. I  touches on & family events . I also share from my other blogs great recipes & craft projects.  Always family friendly -so share with you family & friends.

Week of March 12th in my house – means  Pi Day ( not the kind you eat)  ,St Patrick Day & Birthday Weekend Celebration -join us for all my special post.


I have written 2,167 post since I started this blog last March. Thanks for coming bye & visiting.    Lisa

Tuesday Morning * School time

Tuesday morning & it’s time for school. As most followers know my son attends an online public school chartered by our state. We are finishing our 6th year & he will be graduating this year and on to college. This Saturday he was a member of the Schools high school rally team  at our local college. & the school sent out a local teacher to support  the team.


What is a   High School Rally ?   Students are  picked by there schools to test at district level and then state in all high school subjects . Not only do the student & school gets recognition but awards are given out to students at both district & state level.  My son took top honors in Environmental Science  ( hes college major) & is on to state -where scholarships are up for grabs in April.


It;s nice to see  his school beat out the brick & mortar schools both private & public. from the school district.  I had some grumbles from friends & family  when I enrolled him in this school but this show the quality of education he’s getting at home.Looking for a schooling option ? This may work for you- Lisa