Tuesday Book Recommendations



New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance brings another action, adventure, and suspense-filled story to transport readers out of this world.

When Abby creates a set of Easter Eggs for each Dragonling she has no idea she is about to start a new tradition on Valdier. What happens when the men and the dragonlings take the hunt for the colorful eggs to heart? Laughter and a whole lot of crispy eggs!

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This is a short companion book  that follows the Dragonling discover the human Holiday of Easter. Its funny and Sweet and perfect addition to the series. Wait ? You haven’t  read the series – Go do that first – Not something to be missed.  Lisa

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Anna is enjoying her casual jog through the local forest in her tight running outfit.

On her jog, she finds out that the fairy tales aren’t all imagination after all…

She is soon to find out what the temptation of Easter is.
It’s chocolate treats come hard, fast and unprotected with a backdoor access!

Hard Easter Surprise

Short and Hot and dirty. A grown up Rabbit that will have leave you wanting Chocolate. Buyer beware – a lot of melting going on.





Book Link -The Bull Bride Hunt

Bull shifter Jack Keller is getting serious about finding his mate. A few of his regular customers at the bar he owns have success with a mail-order bride website. Jack decides to follow their lead and sign up too. He’s very surprised when he gets a match almost immediately.

Single mother Macy Peach is ready for a fresh start. She’s only days away from finalizing her divorce when she’s matched through Lovely and Kind Brides. Macy’s excited to see that her match is a familiar face. Just when she’s about to follow up on her match, her ex shows up at her door begging for forgiveness.

Now Macy has an agonizing decision. Will she stay with her ex to keep her family together or will she take a chance on new love?

A part of this author’s Lovely and Kind Bride series but can be as a stand alone book. Fairly short book that ends in a great egg hunt. If you are a shifter fan this is a great book for the holiday season.