Let in the Light * Curtains

Let in the Light * Curtains

This week I have been blogging about Spring and some home tips to usher in Spring . Today is a quick way to lighten up a room : Curtains Spring light : Pull back the drapes, open up the shades and let the natural light shine through. It's an instant mood booster for your home [...]

Scarf *Holiday Gifts

Scarf    *Holiday Gifts

Yesterday was scarf  day ! Perfect time to make some for up coming Holidays.  So I have 2 with polar Fleece and  One with crochet .        This uses  1 piece of fabric and basic sewing  .  1 yard of fleece Cut the salvages of of fabric, Place the two pieces on top of each [...]

Craft Table – Wednesday

Today I would like to share a couple of quick sewing project I have been working on- Both of these will make great gifts this holiday !     I call this - Cat Keeper Offer - my kitties have a bad habit of trying to eat out of food bowl .Bad Kitties!   Supplies [...]

Fabric or Paper or Both Challenge?

My Crafts Table is filled with Fall goodies - and cold weather makes me think of quilts and fabric . But these simple design can also be made of paper. So have fun - The Choice is Yours Paper or Fabric or Both? Take my Challenge  - I will post an update Soon    Lisa   [...]

Flag Quilts

I'am a long time sewer and a newer Quilter. In honor of the coming holiday - I found this site - So get out your patriotica prints and quilt on.   Free Patriotic and Flag Quilt patterns here. Quilt Inspiration

Book Suggestion for Monday –

Buy the Book Unraveling family secrets can be murder in Suede to Rest... THE FIRST BOOK IN THE ALL-NEW "MATERIAL WITNESS" MYSTERY SERIES With her career as a dress designer in shreds, Polyester Monroe is looking forward to a fresh start. But as it all unfolds, the pattern to a new beginning looks a lot [...]

Fabric Tubes

My Next Fabric gift is quick and easy to make. Rice Filled neck wrap. I make them using rice but you can fill with flax seed ,buckwheat or various things. You can also add herbs,flowers or essential oils in your filling. Heat in microwave for 90 seconds. Mine measures- 26 inches long. Measure your neck [...]