Monday Road Trip * Bayou Mardi Gras

Welcome to another Monday in Louisiana! Today’s Road Trip takes you to the Mardi Gras : It might only be early February but the parades are already on the streets both large and small towns. We hit New Iberia’s Parade this Saturday for some family fun:

New Iberia was founded on the banks of Bayou Teche in 1779 by a group of Spaniards from Malaga. It is the only extant town in Louisiana to be founded by Spaniards during the Colonial Era. The Spanish pioneers called their town “Nueva Iberia” in consideration of their homeland. Their French neighbors along the Teche referred to the town as “Nouvelle Ibérie”.

Want to visit ?

Bayou Mardi Gras

Downtown -New Iberia with 18 floats and seven high school bands, A great small town parade to enjoy with your family. Held last Saturday is one you don’t want to miss. Its always fun on the Bayou.

Krewe of Chewbaccchus : Science fiction

The 900-member Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is a Sci-Fi themed Mardi Gras parade, as well as a self-described satirical space cult. Chewbacchus consists of over 150 distinct subkrewes, each of which pays loving (and sometimes satirical) homage to the full spectrum of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and everything in between. Chewbacchus is a model of creative collaboration and has grown into a self-sustaining tradition.

The parade consists of roughly 100 contraptions which are either pushed, pedaled, or pulled and are built onto bicycles, homemade trailers, and shopping carts. Chewbacchus believes that green parades are the “Future of Revelry” and does not use internal combustion engines to power floats. The mad scientists who engineer the krewe’s contraptions have found clever ways to build amazing floats that don’t require petroleum products.

The Krewe of Chewbacchus also makes all of its own throws and has created hundreds of elaborately decorated bandoliers, bean bags, Frisbees, stuffed animals, and even developed a method for casting their own custom bead medallions. Was held this Saturday in New Orleans.

Krewe of Poseidon : Slidell H

This Saturday it roll down the street at 6:00 pm
Along Hwy 11 to Hwy 190 to Kensington Blvd.

What better name than “Poseidon” for a krewe in Slidell, a community surrounded by water. The co-ed Krewe of Poseidon, named after the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses, has grown to be one of the largest krewes on the Northshore. They typically roll with over 600 riders and and nearly 30 floats, including super floats, tandems and doubles. Poseidon prides itself on offering keepsake throws, including tridents, medallion beads, footballs, doubloons and cups. Expect to catch lots of “light-ups.” When you attend the Krewe of Poseidon parade, you can expect to catch something out of the ordinary.

Along with being committed to fun, the Krewe of Poseidon is dedicated to supporting the Slidell community. They do so through the promotion of social interaction and philanthropy.

Let the Parade Begins

Happy Saturday ! It’s a big Parade Day here but it’s raining . So be safe out there as I share some pictures -#YouknowyouareatMardiGras

So You know it’s parade time when the porta potties & barricade are out on the streets. Drive safe & obey traffic signs & detours.


Lafayette Children Parade :




Friday Author : AL Vincent

Welcome to the Last Friday before Mardi Gras which is Tuesday ! Hope you have enjoyed our parade of books,food & Fun! Stay safe and Have fun -and as they say in Louisiana -” Let the Good Time Roll”. Lisa

Today feature Author is AL Vincent :


A.L. Vincent is a teacher/writer who lives in the heart of Cajun Country. Born in Oklahoma, Vincent became fascinated with South Louisiana after reading Interview With the Vampire. Finally, she became a Cajun transplant in 2001. When not getting lost in a story line, Vincent can be found cooking or enjoying live local music. She has one son, and a furball of a dog aptly named Furby.


book link


Fleur de Lis is French for “Flower of Life.” I decided to name my series this because in each of the novels in the series, my main characters overcome obstacles and find their own flowers in life.

About the Book :

Emily Breaux’s abusive, alcoholic husband keeps drinking away her dreams…

When he cleans out their bank account once too often, Emily packs her meager belongings and returns to her hometown of Bon Chance, Louisiana. Surrounded by the love and support of a group of old friends—collectively known as The Boonies—she’s determined to change her life and open her own catering company.

Contractor Noah Devereaux wants to help Emily rebuild more than just her family home…

Noah is an Iraq war veteran and fighting his own battle with PTSD, and he feels he has little to offer anyone. His nightmares and panic attacks leave him exhausted and on edge, yet he can’t help but find solace in Emily’s quiet presence.

Everyone has dreams, but it takes more than a wish to make them come true…

Emily struggles night and day to scrape together the money to start her business, but this doesn’t stop her friendship with Noah from blooming into something much more. He’s always there to cheer her on, and she’s his bit of tranquility for untangling his troubled mind.

It turns out starting over isn’t easy. Was coming back to Bon Chance a horrible mistake, a sign of failing to make it in the larger world?

But all her friends have returned as well, so maybe—just maybe—having the courage to go back to the beginning will prove the ingredients for a life of love and happiness have been waiting here all along…

*If you haven’t read this author her books  are  part of the Kindle Unlimited program at  this time so it’s a great time to try someone new .  Lisa

Also she has a book in this new Anthology : Craving Country

61Bv4aalwNL._SX260_book link

There’s something about a country boy that makes us hot for denim jeans and leather hats.

They’re mysterious, intriguing, confident…and demand our attention in everything they do. Then there’s the fierce loyalty you see in their eyes that makes you think of tangled sheets and sinful deeds.

There’s definitely something sexy about a cowboy…

So pull on those jeans, roll up your sleeves, and grab your boots.

Things are about to get dirty…

…in Craving Country.

Mardi Gras Event : Lynn Shurr

Welcome to my Mardi Gras Friday Event :The Parade is rolling with books,food & fun .   Lisa



Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball (The Mardi Gras Series)     book link

As 1925 ends, spirited flapper Rosamond St. Rochelle encounters two men. Burke Boylan is rich and well-connected in New Orleans. Pierre Landry, a Cajun doctor, plans to return to the bayou backwaters to practice. Both would like to have Rosamond, the newly proclaimed Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball, at their side. But, Roz longs for a career of her own as one of the New Women of the Roaring Twenties.

A fateful encounter on Mardi Gras day changes Roz’s path in life. She must overcome personal tragedy and the forces of nature during the Great Flood of 1927 to discover the right man and the place where she truly belongs.

Once a librarian, now a writer of romance, Lynn Shurr grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. She attended a state college and earned a very impractical B.A. in English Literature. Her first job out of school really was working as a cashier in a burger joint. Moving from one humble job to another, she traveled to North Carolina, then Germany, then California where she buckled down and studied for an M.A. in Librarianship.

New degree in hand, she found her first reference job in the Heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, Louisiana. For her, the old saying, “Once you’ve tasted bayou water, you will always stay here” came true. She raised three children not far from the Bayou Teche and lives there still with her astronomer husband and two big-boned, orange cats named Jake and Elwood.

When not writing, Lynn likes to paint, to cheer for the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers, and take long road trips nearly anywhere. Her love of the bayou country, its history and customs, often shows in the background for her books.

You may contact Lynn at or visit her
Mardi Gras Madness


Lynn Shurr Books Lynn Amazon Page


Anything can happen on a Mardi Gras day in the countryside. Fleeing an obsessive boyfriend, Suzanne Hudson arrives in tiny Port Jefferson, Louisiana, to inventory the antiques of an antebellum home. Full of moonlight and magnolia dreams, she soon finds her job boring and the master of the manor, George St. Julien, dull and awkward. Everything changes during the Mardi Gras ride when Suzanne is playfully abducted by a masked man on a white horse and the famous Magnolia Hill silver disappears shortly thereafter. Determined to discover the romantic rider’s identity and solve the mystery of the lost silver, Suzanne unearths small town secrets that might be better left alone and finds her life in jeopardy. Will her masked rider come to her rescue?



New Roads : first Mardi Gras in Louisiana

IMG_20160923_171326.jpgAbout 30 minutes down the river is the historical town of New Roads. The Pointe Coupee Parish set & home to the oldest Mardi Gras in Louisiana. 



Le Poste de Pointe Coupée (“the Pointe Coupée Post” or Cut Point Post) is one of the oldest communities in the Mississippi River Valley established by European colonists.

The trading post was founded in the 1720s by settlers from France. It was located upstream from the point crossed by explorers, immediately above but not circled by False River. The name referred to the area along the Mississippi River northeast of what is now New Roads.
The post was initially settled by native French, as well as French-speaking Creoles born in the colony. Additional ethnically French settlers migrated down the Mississippi River from Fort de Chartres, Upper Louisiana. The colonists imported numerous African slaves from the French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Domingue), and many directly from Africa, as workers for the plantations.





New Roads hosts the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana outside of New Orleans each Shrove Tuesday.[citation needed] This parade, started by the Carnival Club, was founded by a French-Spanish Creole named James Mortimer Boudreaux, more commonly known as “Jimmy Boudreaux.” He is buried in St. Mary’s Catholic Church cemetery. The town’s first recorded Mardi Gras ball was staged in 1881, and its first-known parade rolled in 1897. Today, as many as 80,000 people converge on the hospitable Creole town for family-friendly parades. New Roads’ parades are civic events, open to public participation. The Community Center Carnival parade, founded in 1922 and the state’s oldest outside New Orleans, rolls at 11 a.m. The New Roads Lions Carnival parade, founded in 1941 and which is staged as a charitable fundraiser, rolls at 1:30 p.m.

Pretty Face * Sable Hunter

Today’s Mardi Gras  Event -Rolls down the river to historic town of New Roads: the perfect setting for this book-

51jOqMScfyL.jpgbook link

Pretty Face: A Red Hot Cajun Nights Story (Dixie Dreaming Book 2


Cody’s life is defined by two great truths. She is in love…and she has committed a great sin. Cody has been playing with fire and she’s about to get burned. Hungry for attention, she allowed a wonderful man to fall in love with her. Their only contact has been on the internet and telephone conversations. Cody put a good spin on her life by telling half-truths and sending photos of a woman with a beautiful body and a pretty face, only the woman wasn’t Cody. Scarred by abuse, she hides from prying eyes.
Cody loves Hunter enough to let him go. Full of guilt, she is prepared to disappear from his life. Hunter begs to meet her, but she refuses. But if Cody won’t come to him, Hunter will come to Cody.
Louisiana is in the midst of Mardi Gras, a time of love, laughter, and letting the good times roll. Masks are worn at Mardi Gras, and the mask Cody wears will hide more than a pretty face

This book is set in historical : New Roads home to one of the oldest Mardi Gras . For more information about this – check out my next post where I will explain the history & town of New Roads.   Lisa 




Emily Beck Cogburn* Louisiana Saves the Library

Happy Friday ! And I am celebrating with Emily & her Books today. And a shout out to all the local Libraries . Our small towns library is open only 2 days a week and run by Volunteers & means so much to the kids in the town.  Lisa 





book link




For Louisiana Richardson, desperate times call for crazy-like-a-fox measures. As the new librarian at Alligator Bayou Parish’s struggling library, she’s returning to her Southern roots and facing trouble hotter than fresh cornbread out of the oven. Somehow, she’s got to draw readers back in and prove the library is still vital—even as domineering parish board head Mrs. Gunderson plans to shut it down for good. If that means Louise has to resort to some unconventional methods—like outrageous inter-library Zumba classes, and forming a book club that’s anything but Oprah-approved—well, it wouldn’t be the first time she went out on a limb…

Soon Louise is doing everything she can to rally the whole community. Before she knows it, she’s sparking welcome changes—and uncovering surprising secrets—throughout her new town.  And between glasses of sweet tea, bowls of mouth-watering gumbo and the warmth of a tantalizing new love, the newly single Southern mom might find a life she never imagined—and a place to finally call home.

Emily Beck Cogburn crafts a novel full of charm, delight and acres of heart about the enduring joys of storytelling and the ways hope can write life’s most extraordinary moments.


91ZNURlxQEL._UX250_ (1)

author amazon page

Emily Beck Cogburn is the author of Ava’s Place and Louisiana Saves the Library. She lives in Louisiana, where she works as a fitness instructor, freelance writer, and disorganized mom. She and her husband also provide homes for 9 animals of various species.

My favorite parade is the Mystic Krewe of Mutts in downtown Baton Rouge because you just can’t beat dogs in costumes.

Becky “s Newest Book 

Most days, divorced mom Ava Olson is just trying to keep it all together, juggling her  three school-age children and part-time job at the newspaper. But then she meets Ford, a cafe owner who convinces her that she does have time for love. When a new opportunity opens up, however, she finds herself moving to New Orleans. She is ready for the change, but for Ford, things quickly become a lot more complicated. Can their new relationship survive a whole new set of obstacles


Mardi Gras Event * Behind the Mask



                                               by Linda Joyce

  • Print Length: 196 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN:
  • ISBN-10: 0996581146
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996581141
  • Publisher: Word Works Press (May 17, 2016)
  • Publication Date: May 17, 2016

Key Words: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, Literature, New Adult  



Amazon UK:


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Former model Chalise Boudreau returns to Louisiana after ten years and faces an uncertain future. Watching her budget, she’s living with her mother and plans to open a luxury salon, but she fears the community sees her homecoming as a failing, and she knows any malicious gossip will jeopardize her success.

Once bad-boy, now entrepreneur Chaz Riboucheaux is home and trying to rebuild his old reputation. He believes one of his companies, the Magnolia May, a pirate ship, can make Ascension a tourist destination, but the mayor refuses to grant him a lease at the city’s dock.

Chalise and Chaz come face to face at a Twelfth Night party. Years ago, he stood her up and left her brokenhearted. Now her brain is at war with her heart, but her body has a mind of its own. As Chaz leads her across the dance floor, he knows when the music stops it won’t be the end of their waltz. He has questions only she can answer, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

81jDmF2yLQL._UX250_ (2)

About the Author:

Amazon Best Selling author and 4-time RONE Award Finalist, Linda Joyce writes about assertive females and the men who can’t resist them. She has penned the Fleur de Lis series, Fleur de Lis Brides series, and the first book in her Sunflower series. Her other books include Behind the Mask and Christmas Bells.

A big fan of jazz and blues, Linda attributes her love of music to her southern roots, which run deep in Louisiana. Courtesy of her father’s Air Force career, she has lived coast to coast in the U.S. and wrote her first manuscript when she was twelve while living in Japan. In addition to being a book addict, Linda’s a foodie, an RVer, loves to kayak, and binge watch movies. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and General Beauregard, their four-legged boy who thinks Linda is his pet.

Thank you for reading!



Twitter: @LJWriter


Amazon author page:

Amazon UK author page:









Linda Joyce captures the ambience, attitude, and allure of the South like no other. Behind the Mask brings us grand mansions, sexy characters, intriguing situations, and a Southern mama. Grab a glass of sweet tea and visit Ascension, LA. You might not want to leave. ~ Claire Croxton, author of Ex-Ray

 Linda  talk about her inspiration for the book: 

The abandoned gas station was the first inspiration for Behind The Mask. It came to me when I stayed at Bittersweet Plantation in Donaldsonville, LA, I snapped this picture. I imagined it as many things: A bakery, a flower shop and café, and a beauty salon. That’s when Chalise spoke to me.

Then, I met Alvin Batiste ( His paintings are folksy and down to earth. I knew I wanted a story set in that part of Louisiana.

Next, I saw photos of the sunken pirate ship the city of Donaldsonville purchased to make into a tourist attraction. ( ) That’s when Chaz spoke to me.

Here’s an excerpt:


A hand grabbed hers and lifted the champagne glass away. A pirate pulled her to the dance floor. She started to protest, but nearby Doucetta, Mary, Pratt, and Gator, all old schoolmates, tapped their feet to the music and looked on, grins spread across their faces. If she spoke in protest, they would recognize her voice, so she allowed her captor the last dance. After all, who said no to a rakish pirate? Black knee-high boots, dark gray breeches, and a white shirt with billowing sleeves. An ostrich feather in his black hat waved as he moved. An eye patch hid one eye. In the dimness and the flashes of mirrored light, she couldn’t quite decide if they’d met before.

She draped her arms around his neck. As she reached her fingers to run through his thick hair, her captor twirled her way, and then pulled her close. The attention from the mystery man wasn’t without allure. He moved well. Oozed charm. Tingling sensations left her breathless.

Her hand was warmed by his. Each time her gaze lingered on his face, he twirled her away. It was as though he somehow sensed her intention to determine his identity.

Halfway through the song, he danced with her cheek to cheek. Broad shoulders. Well-developed muscled arms. Narrow waist. Strong thighs. They swayed together. All thoughts took flight as she found comfort in his arms. When the song neared its end, the pirate’s hand slipped from the small of her back to her butt. He gave a light squeeze. She sucked in a breath and stopped.

“How dare you,” she hissed.

The pirate’s hands moved up to her neck. He cupped her jaw, and then he brought his lips to hers. Though a thin veil separated skin-on-skin contact, the heat of his lips seared. The electric zip dazed her.

“I’ve waited years to do this, Princess,” the pirate whispered.

Her hands flew to her cheeks, and she touched her lips with her fingers. Fear struck. Would he reveal her identity? How did he know?

Author Frank Borne : Interview & Books

Let;s Celebrate Carnival with this 3 book series – The Captain series  now on Kindle Unlimited . Lisa 



book link

The celebration of New Orleans continues and the heat is turned up when Claire Boudreaux returns home from college and finds herself torn between her father’s best friend, Baxter, with whom she has a mutual love for New Orleans heritage and has known all of her life, and a co-worker, Jared, an accomplished investigative reporter who mentors her as she embarks on a career as a television news reporter. She loves them both, and struggles to make her own decision despite external influences. Will Claire and Baxter’s age difference and disapproving family members cause her to choose Jared? When Baxter, Captain of the Krewe of Sancus, becomes embroiled in a scandal involving corrupt city officials, will Claire wash her hands forever of him and his Carnival activities and political machinations, or will he become the captain of her heart? Come back to The Big Easy where the good times continue to roll.




Frank Borne has authored numerous non-fiction books and short essays concerning Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, history and politics, and served as editor of The West Bank Beacon, a good-news community newspaper, for three and one half years. In 2012, he self-published his first novel, But for the Grace of God, and in 2013, Astraea Press (now CleanReads) released his novel Fame and Misfortune, which he re-released in 2017. In 2014, Beau Coup Publishing released The Captain and the Queen, the precursor to The Captain of Her Heart and Forever Her Captain.

Borne serves as Chief Deputy Clerk of Court with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office in Gretna, Louisiana, where he has been employed since 1994. He graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in government and a minor in history, and lives in Marrero, Louisiana, with his wife Schlise.


My Interview with Frank Borne : 
1. How did you get started with your writing career? Why this gender? Why Mardi Gras?

I’ve always loved writing, and in the early 2000s wrote numerous non-fiction essays and books regarding local history.  Then I decided in 2011 to write a novel.  The first was But for the Grace of God, a family conflict story whose themes are forgiveness and reconciliation.  After that one, I drew on my experiences of having lost a lot of weight (I grew up heavy, then managed to lose 140 pounds) to write Fame and Misfortune.  It’s considered a sweet romance of contemporary fiction.  Since I was active in a Mardi Gras krewe, having been a member then secretary and president, I had a lot of exposure to the behind-the-scenes activities of Carnival.  It inspired my romance trilogy The Captain and the Queen, The Captain of Her Heart, and Forever Her Captain, which I just completed.  I enjoyed showcasing New Orleans and the side of Mardi Gras most people never experience.

Tell us about your book series? Something not generally known?

2.  The Mardi Gras trilogy is about a krewe captain, Baxter Edwards, who falls in love with his best friend’s daughter, Claire Boudreaux, the young woman he selects to serve as queen. Not only does their inter-generational relationship and disapproving family pose challenges, but Baxter is in a battle with a rival krewe captain, Newton Lavoisier, who is determined to destroy New Orleans’ smaller clubs so that he may maximize his profiteering from Carnival. As their conflict grows, corrupt city officials become involved, gaining the attention of the U.S. Attorney.  As Claire embarks on her career following college, a co-worker and accomplished investigative reporter, Jared Blackwood, tries to win her heart, even if it means exposing Baxter’s ties to nefarious activities.  In the series, the reader is treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into staging Carnival parades.
Future book plans?
I know your very busy -between work -family and writing? How do you find time to write?
I have two ideas for future books, one dealing with extreme coastal erosion and the negative consequences of the government and weather forecasters being able to predict more than a month in advance of a storm where landfall will occur.  The other is about the U.S.’ tricentennial being marred by a loss of all digital data due to terrorist activities.

I find time to write in the evenings after supper, usually while sitting in front of the television.  Writing is one of my hobbies, and although I belong to some organizations, I’m not out of the house much in the evening.

Okay some fun questions ? Coffee or Tea?  Favorite Meal? Cake or Pie?

5.  Coffee definitely.  I eat just about anything and love to have dinner parties where I prepare dishes I learned from watching the Food Network.  Cake…and one of my hobbies is baking.  I bake often and bring them to work where I share them with our office’s many departments and the security guards.

It’s looking like Carnival time*

Friday 12/29 

It’s Friday !  Everyone the close of this week & the start of the New Year Week end. We where out running around yesterday (pictures on Instagram) & I found the first of the King Cakes. I It’s Celebrated early this year & Cajun Country is getting ready to party.




Mardi Gras is early this year -celebrating on  February 13th this year.


Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”—the final feasting before the Christian season of Lent, which begins the day after Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday.

Fat Tuesday is also called Shrove Tuesday, a name that comes from the practice of shriving—purifying oneself through confession—prior to Lent.

Traditionally, before fasting, Christians use up all the butter, sugar, and fat in the house, cooking up rich treats and fried foods.

Coming to visit  New Orleans

First Parades Roll Jan 6th. 

But if you are interested in a more family friendly parades & true feeling of Mardi Gras come visit me in Cajun Country!!! I’ll be here.    Lisa