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I found this on Pinterest!

What do you think? http://pin.it/10JPcwa

Frozen dog treats. Let’s not forget our four legged family members.  It gets out doing the Louisiana summers. Lisa


Crockpot Dog food

Is your dog a picky eater – has allergies or you just wanted to try It?

Well yes I do-and it’s a great way to clean out the freezer and use leftover.

In my crockpot I layered rice ,water to cook,some frozen vegtables,and some deer meat.Set on low for 6 hours to cook.Nothing that most wouldn’t eat themselves. You can switch out with what you have. Great recipes out there on the web and Pinterest.

Please check with your vet on dietary needs for your pet .

I mixed mine with generic dog food for bulk . Or you feed your dog this instead of regular dog food. The choice is yours.

Manic Monday

Back to school today after vacation break-yeah ! My son is getting ready to take Act test. Oh fun!

Now on to the fun stuff-

This week I am celebrating my other family members. My 4 footed members. 

Our cats – Luna and little bit .

Charlie Brown (charlie)  our beagle.

I’ll be sharing some funny stories,books ,crafts you can make for your animals and pet friendly recipes. 


Good morning everyone 🏠

It’s brunch time here

Had a great time at the farmers market and eat some amazing food at the food trucks. Check Thursday post for details. 

What’s going on this week – I am celebrating the other members of my family. Our dog and cats. I will be sharing books,crafts, recipes and other things that make living with pets special. Lisa