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Crockpot Dog food

Is your dog a picky eater - has allergies or you just wanted to try It? Well yes I do-and it's a great way to clean out the freezer and use leftover. In my crockpot I layered rice ,water to cook,some frozen vegtables,and some deer meat.Set on low for 6 hours to cook.Nothing that most… Continue reading Crockpot Dog food


Manic Monday

Back to school today after vacation break-yeah ! My son is getting ready to take Act test. Oh fun! Now on to the fun stuff- This week I am celebrating my other family members. My 4 footed members.  Our cats - Luna and little bit . Charlie Brown (charlie)  our beagle. I'll be sharing some… Continue reading Manic Monday

coming soon


Good morning everyone šŸ  It's brunch time here Had a great time at the farmers market and eat some amazing food at the food trucks. Check Thursday post for details.  What's going on this week - I am celebrating the other members of my family. Our dog and cats. I will be sharing books,crafts, recipes… Continue reading Sunday