Bread with Paul Holly wood

Bread with Paul Holly wood

Santa - Add this to my Christmas list !

Golf Camp * Thank You Album

Golf  Camp *  Thank You Album

Happy Crafty  Wednesday friends :  Today  I am sharing a  Thank You albums  I made for Golf Camp. Each year a dedicated group of volunteers share there love of golfing with the kids in the area.  This community  event is the highlight of the summer before school goes back. My son went for a number [...]

The big book of Knitted Monsters

The big book of Knitted Monsters

So you want to make some aardvarks yourself ? Here;s a book to help you out. Perfect for gift giving and Holiday Craft booths.  Lisa  Craft Book Link They're hiding under the bed. And in the closet. And anywhere else you've stashed yarn. They're friendly little monsters, and they're ready to come out and play! Popular [...]

Homemade Gifts * My Craft Table

Today on My Craft Table - I am making gifts for an upcoming birthday part, new baby or housewarming. Those that follow my blog -know i live out in rural Louisiana. An hour away from any large store- and sometimes you need a quick gifts . So in my craft cabinet (Yes -I have one) [...]

Diy  Teacher’s gift-

All those old containers I saved became useful. I used one to make this pencil contair for a quick and easy teachers gift. Spray paint white and decorate with back to school theme papers and stickers. Have fun Lisa. Fill with pencils and fun things for your teachers desk. 

Chocolate dipped Strawberries 

Chocolate dipped Strawberries for you Valentine Day  I made these fast and easy for my parents .We have lunch plans to celebrate-lisa

Candle making

Perfect for Valentine's Day  gift a candle made in an old tea cup. Melt wax in microwave. Place wick in middle of cup ,pore wax and let set. You can put fragrance if you want to. Liss