Wednesday – Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Wednesday – Hope you have enjoyed our Easter Fun!


Today is Easter Party Time-

Did You know that the White House has had an Easter Roll since-1878 on the South Lawn of the White House.



This Years  is April 17   and all the info and Live broadcast can be found here

White House Roll 2017


Easter Egg Hunt Idea’s


Having Bad Weather ? How about follow the Bunny Tracks – around the house to find the hidden eggs.

How about a scavenger -egg hunt- Pass out basket and Collect certain items – ( clues about egg color, bunny hidden candy )

How about alphabet Bingo  eggs- Hand out cards with words- Write letters on plastic eggs (let them collect letters to spell words on there cards and  play like bingo .


Does your family have a Easter tradition? Are you planning an Easter Egg hunt?



Our Family Egg Hunt Is Held on Good Friday – with our annual Crawfish Bowl!



Easter Book for the Kids-


Free on Kindle at this time

Children’s Books : First & Last Easter Egg Hunt
Bedtime Stories For Kids and Kindle Unlimited

When the Easter Bunny finds two little girls awake, waiting for him, he decides to
Fairy tale for children ‘s books in Holidays & Celebrations For Easter. The kids learn about the sharing for friends , the life .The series for easter have 3 stories. You can collect for kindle/book for Bedtime Stories For Kids.


  • The Sunrise Egg
  • First & Last Easter Egg Hunt
  • The Amazing Adventure of Tim and the Easter Bunny


    An older sister who thinks she’s too old for Easter Egg Hunts, takes her little brother for his first hunt and helps him get eggs.


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