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Party Decoration 

Easter Decoration for your party

Easter bunnies cut from scrapbook paper with carrots in between. 

Cute little center piece made from ceramic bunny and eggs. 

Have fun with your table and party decorations. Lisa


Easter – Candy

Sign’s of Easter in South Louisiana is Elmer Chocolate hitting the shelves-


This 3rd generation family chocolate company  manufactured in Ponchatoula ,la. and specializes in seasonal chocolate . Elmer Chocolate History

Gold Brick, Heavenly Hash and Pecan rolls are big sellers in this  area and only out at Easter time. So buy them now or you can make a version of them.

Heavenly Hash

1 -10 oz pkg miniature marshmallows

2 cups pecans

1 – 12 oz milk chocolate morsels

1 can condensed milk

Grease a large platter

In one bowl have- Marshmallows & pecans. In a bowl melt chocolate -add condensed milk -Mix to smooth. Pour mixture over marshmallow/pecan – Mix. Pour into greased pan and refrigerate until set . Cut into squares.


More  family favorites-

Millionaire  Candy

1-14 oz caramel

4 tablespoon milk

1 1/2 c pecans

1/2 paraffin

*You can find paraffin wax, also sometimes called baker’s wax or canning wax, in your grocery store where canning jars and supplies are sold.

1 -12 oz pks semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Melt caramels in milk on low -add pecans. Chill. Melt paraffin and chocolate on Low. Dip harden caramel /pecan mix into the melted chocolate. Place on Wax to harden.


Caramel Turtles

1 cup pecan halves

36 light caramels

1/2 c sweet chocolate / melted

Grease a cookie sheet. Place 4 pecan halves flat side down and place carmel into the middle. Heat at 325 until caramel is soft.(4-8 minutes). Flatten caramels and let cool.Swirl a bit of melted chocolate onto each cluster or they can be dipped and place back on wax paper to dry.

Make a batch and share !   Lisa




My Craft Table

Monday has been all about the Eggs !

So Lets Dye Some-


Soak your Eggs in vinegar before dyeing. ( Makes the color hold on better)


Spread Shaving Cream in a pan -add food coloring and swirl to make design.

  • You can also use Whipped Topping (Cool Whip)

Roll your egg in and Cover -Take out and Let dry.



You can also use this mixture to dye scrapbook paper.

Place down on mixtures. Take paper out and scrap off shaving cream. Let dry.

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