Sunday Morning Bliss *

Sunday Morning in Louisiana. A pot of Coffee is on & we are trying to stay warm (lol) . You have to understand in Louisiana if it gets 50 or Below its freezing. We are so use to hot weather any drop in temperature is a shock to the system.But November is around the corner =so lets get ready.  Lisa





Monday – Louisiana ghost & cemeteries.

Tuesday – Halloween Day – we will Celebrate the Day off the Dead !

Plus a ton of other post on my other sites – Lisa Book Blog @ LEL and The Recipe Box

Two more days left in October  to Explore & then November. Which I will have some new items and post,  lisa

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bliss *

  1. I love the relativity of temperatures. It has been below 40 here the last few days and finally turned the heat on when it snowed yesterday morning. If it is 60 we celebrate!

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