Craft Table – Wednesday

Today I would like to share a couple of quick sewing project I have been working on- Both of these will make great gifts this holiday !     I call this – Cat Keeper Offer – my kitties have a bad habit of trying to eat out of food bowl .Bad Kitties!   Supplies Paper (pattern) Fabric Elastic    ( 1/4 inch ) Sewing machine & supplies   Trace your favorite Bowl – Top side Down -and add about 1 to 2 inches. This will make your pattern. I used cotton fabric -but you could use a lite vinyl-  cut with pink a shear around your pattern Then sew around the circle -while folding down the edge to make a casing for the elastic to go through. When finish sewing -thread elastic through-pull to tighten,  Finish off.  These little cover will keep the  Kitties from eating your food. Make them big or small have fun.   Next Project can be made any size –  Mom – the Bowl is too Hot to carry.  Yes- I here that all the time when they take out items from the microwave and try to take them to the table.  So here’s my version of a handy holder. Lisa   Supplies- Cotton fabric  ( I used Halloween fabric /orange) Batting  ( if using in microwave non synthetic) Basic Sewing Supplies and Machine           I used a common bowl for size.   […]

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