2018 Mardi Gras Event

It’s Party Time – as Louisiana gets ready for the Carnival Season. The first Parades Roll s – Saturday 1/6 in New Orleans. So to Celebrate – I will be sharing books,fun facts & recipes with my followers. So get Ready to party every Friday until Feb 13th-  Lisa 

New Orleans 

Need a Parade schedule – NO parade schedule


But being from across the rivers in Cajun Country – the parades are her too. 

Lafayette Parade schedule 

Parade schedule starts in Feb . 

Courir de Mardi Gras    more info

This traditional rural celebrations -can be found in lots of small town in Southern Louisiana. 

The courir de Mardi Gras (literally to “run” Mardi Gras) is a rural and lesser-known Cajun counterpart to urban celebrations of Fat Tuesday in such cities as New Orleans and Lafayette. For the courir, disguised revelers convene before dawn at a predetermined locale, typically a participant’s farmstead. They form a costumed band that travels either on horseback or by tractor-drawn trailers throughout a rural community, calling on neighbors, relatives, and friends. Playing the dual role of a jester and beggar, the revelers sing, dance, and perform comic antics in exchange for “a little fat chicken,” guinea hens, rice, sausage, onions, or lard—all ingredients for a communal gumbo that is served later that evening. Fowl are generally donated alive, requiring revelers to chase and capture chickens and guinea hens. The tradition functions as a ritualistic means of creating, sustaining, and defining the boundaries of rural communities in southern Louisiana.

Local small town celebrations = My town of Melville always has a local Parade -look for pictures & post.    Lisa