School Open ??

Monday Morning and Harvey’s rain is here.But school is On.



Because we are on line our school is still up and running -even without Power you can make adjustments to your schedule and have school.

Like  a traditional home school without the computers.

When warning start with the storm its time to start preparing -just in case of power lost. I check the coming weeks schedule and print any lessons that can be completed without power . Also I make sure we have books that needed to be read for class from the library or to enjoy. Being prepared is the most important thing to be ready for the storm.   Lisa 

Schooling with out power  plan-


  1. Books
  2. Writing practice sheets
  3. Math worksheets
  4. Science – weather report ,measure water.
  5. PE      yoga , stretching,
  6. Do some fun projects – measure things in kitchen and cook.( gas stove here )  Make craft projects -learn about color .

High School

  1. Books ( novel to read)
  2. Writing easy or Paper needing work on.
  3. Printed Math work sheet
  4. Science Fun- weather watch and measuring rain fall
  5. PE    yoga, Exercise ball or trampoline



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