Card Challenge * Freshly Made Sketch #300

Freshly Made Sketches #300 - A Celebration! link here #300 sketch Welcome to Freshly Made Sketches!  Each week, one member of our design team creates a sketch for you to try, the twist is to keep your project clean-lined and fresh! The "Clean Team" has come up with some "Freshly Made" designs to get you in the spirit! We are so excited to [...]

Making of a Hamburger

Best Recipe? Best Meat ? We all have a family favorites -here some quick and easy recipes and a little History about the Meat. What is ground Meat? Ground beef, beef mince, minced beef, and minced meat (not to be confused with the mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices referred to as "mincemeat"), is a ground meat made [...]

Food Fine- Judice Inn * Lafayette ,La.

Thursday food Fine is the  Hamburger @ Judice Inn since 1947! A little fun history - -The origin of the hamburger is not very clear, but the prevailing version is that at the end of 1800′ s, European emigrants reached America on the ships of the Hamburg Lines and were served meat patties quickly cooked on the [...]