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Monday – Bell Ringer

Welcome !

On Monday’s I will be bring you tips,links and Life of an online student. Today as we get ready to attend a Face-to Face Orientation for our On-line school I thought I would share a little with you about our school- Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy ( LAVCA) -starts school Aug 9th,


What is an On Line School?

LAVCA  It’s a public school ran on a charter from the state of Louisiana. It;s been open for 6 years and this is our 6 and finial year since my son will be graduating.

If you have taken any college classes its the sane set up , He logs in and has a homeroom  meeting every Monday and tell them school news and whats going on. He then checks his Class schedule for the day. And then he logs in to his schedule class where teacher may teach a glass viva web cam or has a written lessons for the day. Each class has an outline section and testing.He is required by law to attend 6 hours a day for 30 hours a week.

How is it different than Home Schooling?

My sons curriculum and supplies are provided by the State/ LAVCA He also takes all State mandated testing, ACT and attendance policy.

Home School er – usually buy there own material, testing is optional and you can attend when you want to. Teach what you want too. Each state has there own home schooling Laws please check with your state,

Will he get a diploma ? Socialization?

Two of the big Questions? Yes- he gets a real Diploma since he attends public school and graduates on stage. Yes -its accredited ( State Charter )  and has been doing dual enrollment with local college since 11th grade. So college is a -YES.

Socialization ? The school has monthly outings for the kids- most kids do other things play-dates,Clubs, community sport league and church groups. You can be social as you want to be – It;s all about choice and what your child enjoy.


It’s all about quality of Education for our family – It works for us but I tell my facebook group not all kids do well in this style of Learning. It’s nice to have a choice in Education – and this is ours.

My School home page will be updating with some school pictures and links – We are getting reading for the New Year are you?    Lisa


Sunday Planner

I am not a big planner. Everyone that know me know that. But I find that I need to be come a better one with what all is going on this year.

You will see this August some new Post-



  1. Monday’s – Look for My Bell Ringer ( On-line School Post)
  2. Tuesday – Social Media,Blog and updates.
  3.  Wednesday -My Craft Table – my craft day post.
  4.  Thursday-  Food Finds, Family Day
  5. Friday – Fun Louisiana facts ,travel and adventure
  6. Saturday – anything goes
  7. Sunday – Planner post & Sunday Lunch

Are you a Planner? Do you do it on line or in a planner? Are you part of the New Planner Craft craze? 

Some Planner Craft sites

Lovely Planner

P interest Planner boards


Happy International Tiger Day!

Support Tiger- www. to save the tigers in the world. Lisa to adopt a tiger

Christmas in July * Card making

Since today’s the last Friday – I thought I would add some cards to this special post .

Made with Some left over Anna Griffin  items here my Cards for the day

A nod to tradition this Holly card says it all !  Lisa





And a bright and Silver Snowflake card for the Season.


Christmas in July * Snowflakes

Today’s the Last Friday in July. And our Last Christmas in July Special Post.

I’am playing with Snowflakes today – we lived many years in Michigan and enjoy the snowy season but in Louisiana you are lucky to catch a few flakes.


These Cute Chalkboard Snowflakes I bought at Target last year –


I decorated these with glitter,sparkly gel pens – Sorry you might be able to see this in the picture. You can also purchase a couple of packs and string them together for a banner.




Plate lunch * Louisiana Style

Today Food Fine is the – Plate Lunch. A staple lunch for the working people  of the South  this custom seems to originated in Hawaii during plantation time. But now its part of the South in a big way – here served with a meat ,rice,and sides this classic lunch will makes you a fan . 

Pat”s Downtown Lafayette – More picks  . My Food Blog -The Recipe Box @ LEL Plate lunch post


Hawaii Origin – 

Although the exact origin of the Hawai’ian plate lunch is disputed,[1] according to Professor Jon Okamura of the University of Hawai’i, the plate lunch likely grew out of the Japanese bento, because “bentos were take away kinds of eating and certainly the plate lunch continues that tradition”.[1] Its appearance in Hawaii in recognizable form goes back to the 1880s when plantation workers were in high demand by the fruit and sugar companies on the islands.[2]Laborers were brought to Hawaii from around the world, including from ChinaJapanPortugal, and the Philippines. Kaui Philpotts, former food editor of the Honolulu Advertiser, notes that the laborers “didn’t eat sandwiches or things like that; it was leftover rice and a lot of things like canned meat or teriyaki or cold meat or maybe scrambled eggs or pickles, and almost no salad or vegetable.”[2] Later on, macaroni salad was added to the plates, as it seemed to bridge national tastes and also mixed well with gravy-covered slabs of meat.[2] Some locations also include the traditional Korean side dish kimchi. (Wikipedia)

Louisiana T radiation- 

Here in Louisiana A plate lunch, sometimes known in other parts of the country as a meat and three, features down-home, local dishes such as smothered pork chops, rice and gravy, or crawfish étouffée. Typically served cafeteria-style, plate lunch menus feature large portions and change daily, but locals know which days of the week to find their favorites.


In the Area for Lunch –  Try a Plate Lunch !

Lafayette Places Lafayette travel


My Crafts Table * Card Kits

I was lucky to come across a Box of Anne Griffith Card kit that was purchased and never used. Its from 2011 that was sold by HSN at the time. But this great designer style is timeless with its great prints and colors. 

Anne blog Anna Griffin blog

Anne Griffin shop on –HSN Scrapbook shop

These cards are made using the Kit but I can see many futures ideas for other projects. I love when I come across a bargain  find  at garage sells – are an item forgotten about and left in a closet.