Sunday * Planner

Hello !  it’s Raining today in Louisiana ! And I’am planning for the next weeks Blog Post.   I’am an old fashioned girl – I like to see what I have planned for the week. I’am using a dollar planner thats from the Dollar Store. And decorated with stickers and stamps. As You see – I am only planning a week at a time. If you are like me things change all the time with my family. Only certain things are set in stone. Like first day of school.  Lisa I have some great planner links here Pinterest Planner Board   Monday – On line School post ( Getting Ready for first Day of School) Tuesday – Let’s Get Social –   Leave a Comment   (post) Wed           First Day of School /  My Craft Table    ( some school craft fun) Thursday – Food Find –   Burgers Friday –       Family fun / Only  in Louisiana Saturday – weekly update s Sunday –    weekly planner updates Advertisements

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