Monday * Bell Ringer

Today is Monday – we are getting ready to start school on Wed. A Back to School Planner idea -using a Dollar Planner & Stickers. We start early but we get off early in May. So today I m posting about getting ready for school- since we are part of an on line school system Back to School is a little different here. No School uniform ( everyone here wears them) Little or no supplies ( most work done on line) No lunch money, bus routes or band fees) For Lavca / On line School Dedicated school space ( in can be anywhere) Computer /laptop ( adobe flash/ chrome or firefox) Strong internet Connection My son is using our den/ game room/ The double screens are new ( hes a teenager gamer). Last week we attended a Face to Face meeting for school. This location was packed. We are a state wide public school with about 2000 kids k-12. Lisa Check out my – School Board on Pinterest   School Board For Links ,ideas  and organization ideas Lisa Advertisements

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