Leave a Comment

Today my Tuesday post -is all about the phrase –Leave a Comment  Its on ever blog post you see- Do you leave a comment?  My thoughts on the subject –  My goal is to leave 5 comments a Day on Blogs I follow or Find. Why? Its nice to know that you are writing things that people are reading, Blogging for me is a lonely thing -for me its a form of therapy. By  share what going on in my life -boring as it is- in hope that someone finds something interesting or uplifting in what I write. So Thank You for reading. In doing this maybe I can start a trend – and it will grow. Join Me – 5 Comments a Day! A comment doesn’t have to be long -just a note to say Hi -Thank You – or Good Job-You have been noticed and Not alone. A Like is also nice but taking the time to actual write a comment is an awesome thing. It brings a Smile to my face,  So I encourage you to Do your part ! To bring a Smile to someone – Leave a Comments (good/bad) . Sometimes thats all it takes to make someones day. So make sure you leave a comment and I will be stopping bye to leave one too. . lisa     Meaning  of Comment  – from dictionary :    Noun: comment  ‘kó,ment A statement that expresses a personal opinion, belief or adds information “from time to time she contributed a personal comment […]

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