2019 Goals and Plans

Happy 2019! The Year of the Pig (Boar) in the Luna calendar (which starts in February).

Family News for New Year :

New Year was wet but quite as we celebrated at Mom’s with Smothered Cabbage,Black Eye Peas with bacon and my Hubby’s BBQ Ribs from the grill .Parades and Football on the screen playing in the background as we eat. A typical day for us.

My son is still on break from college enjoying a little home time before he goes back to school in a couple of weeks . We still need to do some college book shopping from Amazon. Did you know they rented College Textbooks? A great value for books that you know you will not keep ! If you are taking a class check here first !

Wednesday and hubby is back at work and getting ready for swearing in ceremony for Mayor and other elected official for our town. Life is going on as usual in our little town on the river. And a new Year starts in our town.

My family is lucky that we will Celebrate another New Year in February ! Chinese New Year is Feb 5th and we always celebrate with Food and holiday Fun. So we are double blessed this year with heath and wealth.

New Year Goals : Personal

  • Personal – exercise / yoga with age come wisdom but also some stiffness, I need to get moving. Walking and some light Yoga. I found a 30 day yoga I am going to try ! Any suggestions ?
  • Gratitude my word for 2019 – not only saying Thank You but showing it. Making it part of my everyday life.

Blog Goals :

  • Blog Goals : Social Media – this year I am going to take You Tube. I have a channel not used but my goal is to use it this year.

  • Right more -post less. Instead of lots of little post bigger post. But I am chatting – we will see how that goes,

  • I would like a 1500 followers. I know to some of you thats not a lot but for me its a Goal this year.
  • Lisa Book Shelf/Blog is being revamp. Looking for Author,Books and Readers to feature. Also new Goodread Goals and Blog Goals.
  • I will be blending in some post from Lisa Creative life ! Since its about family Memories in a digital way .

Thank You everyone who has been with me this past year ! 2019 is going to be another exciting Year –

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