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Craft Table * Apples

Uses for  Apples –


Dried Fruit for Potpourri

More  examples   homemade

At Holiday time I dry fruit in my Dehydrator    for fall gifts. In bags ready to give as gifts. If you don’t have a dehydrator you can use an oven.

Cut citrus peels such as orange and lemon into small pieces no larger than 1/2″ wide. Cut them into thin slices no larger than 1/4″ thick. Slice apples, peaches and pears into thin slices no larger than 1/4″ thick. Save the peels and dehydrate these as well to add to your potpourri
Dry Apples   for Decorations –
 To dry apples, slice paper thin and place slices in a single layer on a baking sheet in 150 degree oven for 30 minutes.
They can  be used for dried Apple Slice wreath and Ornaments .
Simmer Pot on Stove / Old small crock pot
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 anise stars
  • 1 tbsp cloves
  • cut up apples and fruit
  • Water

Make sure if you use this on the stove you keep an eye on it. If you have a small crockpot its a great way to use one.   Lisa


Fall Wreath @My Craft Table

1 roll of burlap ribbon

Wrapped around a 12 in wire wreath.Then decorated with fall items from Dollar Store. Quick & Easy. Lisa

Graduation Gift

One gift that is always wanted is cash or gift cards. But we need a fun why to turn it into a gift fit for a graduate. I used my son’s school colors to make these but you can change things up to fit you school.


DIY Craft – #1

A Box I bought at the Dollar Store on collection and repainted and decorated to hold a gift.  If you have a bigger box -you could use it to collect items at your graduation part. Lisa




Craft #2


A Cards which open to a  place to hold money.  Front decorated with stamps and decorations I had on hand.

Check out Pinterest for Some great Party Idea  Favorite Boards!

Graduation Party Idea


HGTV – 20 great Party Ideas –

HGTV party Idea





Diy  Teacher’s gift-

All those old containers I saved became useful. I used one to make this pencil contair for a quick and easy teachers gift.

Spray paint white and decorate with back to school theme papers and stickers. Have fun Lisa.

Fill with pencils and fun things for your teachers desk. 

Living Room Paint Idea’s

From Better Holmes & Garden –Better Holmes and Garden Decorating

2017  Color Palette

Inspired By Nature – Raspberry, Daffodil, Violet , Sky Blue and  Mushroom

i’am needing to repaint my living room this summer and looking outside to pick out colors. We have lived with beige to long,  I saw these colors and fell in love with the combo.

Do you have a favorite Decorating idea or Color? I’am looking for suggestions ! Lisa