Valentine Felt Coffee Wraps

It’s Saturday morning and time for Coffee ! And this Saturday we are making something for the coffee lover in your life for Valentine:

Coffee wraps that hold gift cards :

  • Pattern (you can make yourself/pintrest ) for holder & hearts
  • Felt squares easy to work lots of colors with /no frayed edges
  • Sew on snaps (Velcro or other closure)
  • Basic sewing supplies

From felt:

  • a base wrap
  • card holder
  • Hearts or any decorations.

I just measured the cup and add 2 inches for overlap for the pattern. Cut out your base the size of pattern/ then cut a second one a little smaller to make a pocket for gift card. Cut out hearts in different colors to decorate.

Once all cut out layout your design. If you like you can pin in place or a drop of glue. Sew hearts on pocket and then Sew pocket on front of wrap-leaving room on top to place gift card. Then wrap and coffee cup and place sew in snap to hold wrap.

This is a quick and easy gift perfect for any occasion- with basic craft supplies. Using felt means no worry about the edges. Lisa

Hanukkah Activities and crafts

Today’s Tuesday post is about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah . 
It’s the Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is also known as the Festival of Lights. Want to know more or read about it check my earlier post. 

My class lapbook and dreidle pattern. 

Pattern for dreid bellow
Pages from pintrest ,as well as information about the holiday. Also a recipe for potatoes latkes 

Craft for Kids :

Made from 6 craft sticks – 2 triangles make the Star of David . Painted blue and white . And gems added for shine. 

Paint your own Ornaments *

My Saturday Kids craft is one from a great place to find inexpensive crafts and decorations. My local Dollar Store. Planning a class party or need small things for a gift bag it’s the perfect place yo shop.  These are simple Paint your own ornaments (2) for a $1. Have fun and go exploring for things to do this weekend with the kids.   Lisa 

Now if you are into Clay artist you could make your own. But this is a quick alternative.   Lisa 

Kids Table * Thanksgiving crafts & food

Today I am sharing some fun from the Kids table., A fun place card gift bag combo,a place-mat to color and a favorite kids recipe > Lisa 

Gift Bag * Place card holder : 

My gift bag is filled with some crafty supplies and small toys  ( Dollar store) perfect for Thanksgiving day. And the simple tag/leaf shows each person there place at the table. 

Make it:

Kraft gift bag, Tag ( made with gold stickers ) leaf & ribbon 

Thanksgiving Place mates

Free printable .

I purchase these mats at Wal mart for a pack of 8 less than $2 dollars but you can make your own .There’s plenty of free printable if you don’t want to  design one. Check out Pintrest for idea’s. 

Kids Favorite * Mashed Potatoes


  • 3 Large Russet potatoes (peeled/ and cut up
  • 1/4 C butter
  • 1/2 C Milk
  • salt & pepper 

Potatoes should always be placed in cold salted water and brought to a boil, this helps them cook evenly. 

  1. Peel and quarter potatoes, place in COLD salted water.
  2. Add potatoes and cook uncovered 15 minutes or until fork tender. Drain well.
  3. Heat milk on the stove top (or in the microwave) until warm.
  4. Add butter to the potatoes and begin mashing. Pour in milk a little at a time while using a potato masher to reach desired consistency.

DIY Kids Crafts for the Table

We always have a kids table – and this fun and easy craft is a winner at any age : 



So don’t throw away those toilet paper and paper towel rolls we are going to get Crafty ! 

  • Using some basic craft supplies
  • toilet paper holders become Indians  for your table.
  • And Slice up for the kids -2 inch rings to decorate as napkin rings ,
  • Using paper,feathers,leaves and an assortment of accessories and paper. If you have little kids you can pre cut out strips to size,

I put all the supplies together  in a basket on the table and let the kids make there own designs.  Lisa

20171122_082710 (1)


Need more ideas Thanksgiving kids craft



Free Printable : 











Halloween Classroom Party Idea’s

Welcome to Thursday  ! Today -I start my  Festival of Holiday with Halloween :

What could be any more fun then a Halloween party for Kids :

  Party Begins with some fun party games : Wrap the Mummy

Divide the children into groups of three to five kids. Select one child in each group to be a mummy. Then give the other children a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper. Instruct them to wrap the mummy with the paper, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. The first group to be done with their roll of paper, wins.


Halloween; Thanksgiving 071.JPG


Some easy crafts : for the classroom :

#1    Using wooden clothes Pins (painted)

Foam   sheets   ( Cut out shapes or use punches)


#2   Toilet Tissues tubes ( Cut & painted)

Black Scrapbook paper  ( Cut Wings for Bat)





Treat Bag & Boxes : 

  •  Paper Bag treat bag ( you can pre make or Let the Kids make  with basic supplies.
  • White take out boxes ( Dollar Store ) or they come in colors. Make great for Cupcakes or Treats.
  • Folded Treat Box from die cut  or  Pattern Patterns template





Kids Crafts * My Craft Table

Wednesday Craft Table : is all about Kids Crafts. These simple items are made from foam sheets in bright colors purchased from Walmart. These sheets are great to make all kinds of things -use your imagination- perfect for classroom projects,scouts,church groups or family fun. Lisa



Christmas tree picture frame/ornament.Cut out from foam & decorated.



Snowy picture frame. Take two sheets cut out square for picture and decorate .



DIY Time * Mrs. Claus

Hi Guys! Today on my Blog I am sharing a Free & Easy project from my Craft Table. 

First you may know I am a coffee drinker but I like creamer in it.If like me you like to try all the flavors new for the holiday you end up with lots of empty containers.  So what will a crfater do with with empty container – Make Something out of it – a double winner . Lisa


Okay ! Today it’s French Vanilla but it can be any flavor.


I sprayed painted it white. Now for the painting – could be Santa, Snowman or today  Mrs. Claus.

I painted her with acrylic paints I already had – but you can use anything .Great to make with kids for a classroom project . Enjoy –  Lisa.



Halloween Party Day !

It’s Friday ! And Day #5 for my Countdown to Halloween. Today- Part Time @ Lisa * Everyday Life.




One of my favorite memories of Halloween is when my son was young and the great fun we had at elementary school parties.  It was a day of dress up – parades and class room fun. Join me today as I flash back to those days with Pictures and crafts for any holiday party.


These are great crafts you can make on a budget  –




Mr. Bat – is a painted toilet paper roll -construction paper & glitter. Change the colors can be an Indian or an Angel for Christmas.




Wooden Clothes pins (Dollar Store)  & shapes cut out from foam pieces. You can find inexpensive foam stickers and do the same.





My Homemade Play do Pumpkin

You may already have a favorite recipe but this is an easy one.

Mix   1 Cup Flour, 1/4 Cup Salt and 1/2 C of water. Add food color & Knead. You want it to smell like pumpkins  mix in some pumpkin spice into the mixture.  Lisa


On the Craft Table

Today My son started Back to School today – his Senior Year 

So Today’s Crafts will be




Perfect Combo -for your teacher – A card and a container  for her desk . This recycled  container can be filled with small school supplies. 

I just piled the label off -cleaned it out. Cut some school paper to fit – Glued down let Dry. And decorate with school stickers.

I also used that same school paper I had to make this cute card on white base. Using stickers I had in my stash -decorated.   Lisa

Happy First day of School!