Book Review * String Quilts

Have you ever made a string quilt? And what is one- String piecing involves sewing fabric strips together to use as part of a block or quilt. Here are three looks string piecing can bring to your next project! String piecing (also sometimes called improvisational piecing) involves sewing fabric strips together. This book will get you started and bash your stash ! Lisa

Get ready to stylishly bust your stash and scraps with a fresh take on a time-honored quilt-making technique: String quilts!

  • 16 stash-busting projects include table toppers, wall hangings, and full-size bed quilts
  • Over 300 photos and illustrations walk you step-by-step through the techniques and projects
  • Step-by-step guides take you through every part of string quilting, from basics like cutting strings to specialty techniques such as using tulle
  • Helpful tips and suggestions can be found throughout each technique and project
  • Use up your stash and scraps of fabric that are too small for other projects

Strings are strips and scraps of fabric that are usually too small to be useful for most projects, but they’re just right for the fun designs in this complete step-by-step guide!

Classic to Contemporary String Quilts takes you through every step of the string quilting process with helpful tips and suggestions. The front of the book is packed with string quilt techniques, followed by 16 quilt projects with clear instructions and diagrams.

Author and quilting teacher Mary M. Hogan offers a fresh take on a fun, time-honored technique, reimagining many traditional and beloved quilt blocks—like the Card Trick or Churn Dash—as string blocks.

Using strings, each classic quilt is unique, and updated for the 21st century with bold colors and contemporary settings. From wall hangings to full-size bed quilts, these 16 fun stash-busting projects take string quilts in a new direction!

If you ever find yourself asking, “What else can I do with strings?” then Classic to Contemporary String Quilts is exactly what you’re looking for. With clearly explained techniques, more than 300 step-by-step photos and illustrations, inspiration from Mary M. Hogan, and 16 gorgeous scrappy projects, you’ve finally found the perfect way to clear out all those scraps!

Net Galley Review:

I am a quilter with lots of scraps but I have never made a string quilt. But after reading this book with its great pictures and directions I know what my next quilt will be, I have my heart set on the wall hanger for my living room and plan on using the pattern in the book. Read the book and be inspired to make something new out of pieces of materiel into a work of Art. Lisa

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