Book Review * Psalm 23

Psalm 23: Through Your Darkest Valley, God Is with You 

God is always near.
Our Daily Bread writer David Roper brings a wise and comforting perspective to Psalm 23 and encourages you to put your trust in God. “Friends fail us, spouses walk out on us, parents disappoint us, therapists refuse to return our calls, but God is with us every moment of every day.”  

This insightful exploration of one of the most well-loved passages in the Bible provides . . .

  • a verse-by-verse breakdown, which reveals God’s heart and His character as the Good Shepherd.
  • a clear understanding of the Shepherd and sheep relationship.
  • wisdom and encouragement to help you develop an attitude of contentment.

Discover how you can experience peace and find purpose for your life under God’s watchful care.

Through Your Darkest Valley, God Is with You

by David Roper

Discovery House Publishers

Net Galley Book Review

I think as a child we all learned this : As a prayer for bed time -now as adults it bring comfort to believers, knowing that the Lord provides forgiveness, abundance and renewal . The Lord (God) acts as a shepherd to the speaker. He makes sure the speaker isn’t lacking any necessities. The Lord takes the speaker to peaceful and relaxing places, like green fields and calm waters to bring us peace in trouble times . Something we all need now to understand. Lisa

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