Louisiana : Acadiana Day

Welcome to Friday edition- are you out shopping or resting today? My boys are out shopping and I am home for the day. I will do some online shopping today but that’s it. If the rain ever stops we have plans to put out decorations and eat leftovers. Enjoy you day !

Today in Louisiana the governor declared it Acadiana day .

What does Acadiana mean?

Acadiana (French and Louisiana French: L’Acadiane) is the official name given to the French Louisiana region that was historically home to the state’s Francophone population. Many are of Acadian descent and now identify as Cajuns or Louisiana Creoles.

Inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1847 poem, the legend of Evangeline—a displaced Acadian mourning her lost love—has played an important role in Louisiana history and culture. Despite the fictional nature of the poem, Evangeline and her story became symbols of the le grand dérangement, the expulsion of Acadians from what is now Nova Scotia between 1755 and 1763. Many of these Acadian exiles eventually settled in Louisiana, where, over time, they developed a unique Cajun culture. Though well known outside the state, the legend of Evangeline plays a particularly central role in Louisiana culture, where it is often presented as a factual rather than poetic expression of an historical event.

Are Cajuns and Acadians the same? Acadians and Cajuns are the same … yet they are different. The Acadians were French settlers who settled the area (now known as Nova Scotia) in the 1600’s. … The German, Spanish, French, English, Indian and other cultures added to the Acadian culture to produce the Cajun culture.

Have a great day! And be safe and enjoy your time off with your family…. Lisa

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